Sunday, June 12, 2016

Brotherhood Tie

Scott is the first of a big group of boys to leave on his mission.  At his open house, Diane Henry presented him with a tie, a poem and instructions attached.  What a great idea and the boys were pretty excited about it.  They have grown up together from a very young age.


Friends for so long, so much time spent together
Now it’s time to go alone, happily serving wherever!

However, you won’t really be alone at all,
Your friends will also soon receive their call!

Every day you’ll be wearing white shirts and ties.
It’s the standard uniform for all missionary guys!

So what better way to share you missionary joys
Than by sharing this “Brotherhood Tie” with the boyz?

The tie is yours for the time being, so wear it!
Take pictures in it, then be sure to share it!

As the next Brother begins his missionary life,
He’ll be looking for the Brotherhood Tie to arrive!

Each one can use it for only so long,
Before it’s time to pack it up and send it along!

While each missionary only serves in one region,
The places this Tie will travel will be Legion!

One day soon you and your friends will be reunited,
And of course you will all be very excited

Then, like the Sons of Mosiah and Alma of old,
You will rejoice exceedingly to still be
Brethren in the Lord.

The Plan

  1. Wear the ‘Brotherhood Tie’ on your mission!
  2. Take a picture of yourself wearing the tie! 
  3. Email it to your Mom so she can share it with the other Mom’s and Boys.
  4. Sign the back of the tie, with your name and mission
  5. Write your testimony and/or words of encouragement in this book
  6. Mail the tie and book to the next Brother who enters the Mission Field.  Best to do this soon after he arrives so that he has time with tie before he needs to forward it along.

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