Thursday, June 16, 2016

First email from the MTC

I made it. It's now day 2 and I'm supposed to send a quick email home, so here we go. 

It's pretty weird in here, I'm feeling pretty good but pretty uneasy and freaking out a bit at times. There are some sessions that get me hyped to be here though.  The days feel like forever.  The classroom session is pretty frustrating because they speak 95% tagalog and 5% english. Pure Tagalog immersion and after about 5 hours of classroom instruction i thought i was done, but the last 30 mins that we just had, we learned tons of phrases and I'm getting hyped.  The teachers bore their testimony in Tagalog and I understood some sentences, so I'm feeling real good about the language considering it's day 2 out of like 40 or so.  

Even the branch president said the first couple days until sunday suck so just hold on and thats what I'm doing. I appreciate the love from the 403!!  Oh, and Im in a trio and the comps are mabuti (good)! 

maganda po ang ebangheylo (the gospel is beautiful) with tons of spelling mistakes in that phrase. 

Elder Kearl

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