Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sounds like he's the leader of the MTC 'hype' gang!

MTC day 16! We are just cruising!!

I think I'm going to fully commit to honest emails these 2 years. So this is an authentic Scott Kearl experience. 

Things are going sobra mabuti!! The tripanionship and I have been keeping really good habits, staying real obedient and  getting hyped!!  Every morning at 6:30 we are up and I do 100 pushups.  I've been eating so big!  The food here is secretly epic, there's like 4 meal choices, you just got to know how to fully operate the cafeteria.  I have like 3 plates of food every meal, tons of juice and a fruit!  Every meal I am so full.  I've gained like 5 pounds (thought it would be more tho :/).  Gym time is super sunny.  I play a handful of hard working 3 on 3 basketball then finish her off with a chill game of volley ball.  Like 30 mins of each.  So fun.  I get a mean sweat going.  Thanks so much for the sneaks dad, they are perfect.  Pretty sure I'm the fastest kid in the MTC.  I haven't actually raced anyone but the shoes are rad, sooooooo also i can jump close to 7 feet.  They work out so much better than crocs and socks, less swag but more functional.  thx.  I'm pretty sure its a thing for all scotts (scott wolff and I) to love Elder Waites.  The Waite in my district has got to be one of my favoite people ever.  So funny.  So spiritual.  Great people in here.  Just great. 

The language is still killing me, but I'm getting with it.  Sometimes during a grooling classroom sesh, Elder Paulsen will whisper "the Billings Montanna Mission sounds pretty nice right about now", but we stay positive.  I've heard in these 2 weeks we have learned more than the average highschool student learns in the 3 years of whatever language they are studying, so thats rad.  I just realized yesterday, thanks to somebody's letter,  that its pretty neat how I'm learning Tagalog, so thats got me so hyped!!  I'm loving the learning so much.  I'm learning a lot.  Super tired tho.  I've seen everyone doze off in class, even Elder 'soon to be big money'!   I'm shamefully leading that stat tho.  Takes me an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep every night.  But i dont mind laying there and thinking in in english.  When it hits around 11:20 Elder Larsen starts snoring so i get up, use the CR and shake him awake to tell him to shut it (so savage).  Apparently Tagalog is the one language where after you learn it, it makes learning another language so much easier beacause its so bonkers.   I now know a couple hunnit tagalog words and i can say a bunch of my own sentences.  Teaching is going smoother but we still get wreckt. 

Crazy stats this week!! So last wednesday, we got 700 new narries and 171 new mission presidents (double that including there wives) so the MTC got supper busy and weird.  The cafeteria was getting changed over for a huge Mission president thing for saturday so we ate in the gym.  We got catered by like subway, chick fil a, taco bell and other stuff!  So it's been a fun week.  Most people on this campus ever.  All of the 12 apostles were here on saturday, first for that too.  I didnt see any tho :/ so much masigla (enthusiasm) around the MTC this week.  I also hosted yesterday meaning when kids get dropped off I get them situated.  I hosted 2 different boys and it was weird and hard seeing them say goodbye to their families. 

Cauayan stats now.  I heard my mission has one of the coldest areas (Bambang) in the south in the mountains and one of the hottest (Tugugarae or something) in the north.  Also,  I have the tallest mountain in the Philippines in my mission boundary!  It's 3000m, thats as big as devils head!!  So maybe ill be able to score a summit out in the field.  Look it up its called Mt Pulag.  So hyped!  Also the Cauayan mission is biggest in the country and also has the most daily walking distance, so I'm getting hyped! 

Also Dan.....I met an Elder Vaiau from Yigo ward in Guam who knows you! i see him all the time, so rad. 

Also, that's fun how all the Melchins are in Calgary.  Wish i could be there, but I'd rather be at the MTC.  Even tho I'm the Melchins number one fan. 

Theres some contention in the land with the tripanionship and I share some of the blame.  We are figuring it out though and things are going well.  There's some kind of enchantment in here where the scriptures become so much more interesting and understandable. I'm learning a lot of Tagalog and doctrine and i couldn't be loving it anymore.  I feel myself growing at a tremendous rate and i would reccomend the MTC to all.  So much goodness in here.  When you get set apart as a missionary you get set apart from the world so you can magnify your effectiveness, it's such a blessing!  While it's still challenging in here,  I'm loving all the challenges because I'm becoming better from them.  I was told by a General Authority on Tuesday,  when your on the Lords errand you can expect the Lords help so i will be just fine!!  Thx for all the love and all the mail!!  More mail tho, it's the highlight of my day always!  Thanks to all who have sent me mail!!  Keep em coming!!!  The more the merrier.   If you want me to reply please add your email!  I'm doing great tho.  Nothing to worry about on my end.

I love wearing the Missionary name tag.  I love representing Christ and I feel hounoured to do so.  There's a lot of trust in us to do the work properly, so I'm studying hard to be effective.  I feel respected when i share the same title as an apostle "Elder".  I will never get sick of being called "Elder".  Love being a narrie. 

Please read 3 nephi 14:2 and also Ether 12 until verse 27. 

Work hard, Pray Hard,
Elder Kurd

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