Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day One.....Part 2

Oh wait, I'm gonna drop a part 2 email here because the day got a little more epic. Ethan, Jared, Curtis and I went for a nice cruise and got 3 dozen krispy kreme doughnuts. 2 dozen too many. Then on our way home i realized there is a Melchin family in the area and that Curtis and Jared go to school with the girl so we DM'd for the address and i went over to visit Amy Ritchies Family. I met Nathan, Annie and Amy. So good to meet more Melchins, I'm a fan. I came back to Rosenvalls and ate dinner and i now have a letter to mail myself. since it takes 2 months for a package to get to the Philippines and it takes a missionary 6 weeks it should work out perfectly. Now I'm just waiting for bed time and then I'm off to the MTC tomorrow, feeling strong but getting nervous. Should be good. 

Elder Kearl 

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