Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hey mama,

So it is day 9 in the MTC and it has been such a rollercoaster. i have an hour to email so let me explain. 

I'm not going to lie, its been very hard. The days feel like weeks and this week has felt like a day. I also have trouble remembering what life back home was like. They brainwash you pretty good in here. On the first day we went to our classroom session and I immediately was depressed because the teachers speak in tagalog only.  Everything they say goes over your head and you end up just listening for an english word they would slip in and look at their hands as they try to direct you.  It's super frustrating not understanding what the teacher is saying.  On our second day in the MTC we taught an investigator (actor i think and hope) in tagalog. So that was a gong show because how much of a new language do you really know in 2 days. She would talk and we don't even know what she is asking.  A lot of awkward quiet and long pauses in the conversation.  We have taught her everyday since.  We are learning the language at an insanely quick pace.  I'm a little slower then the rest but im keeping up.  Our last lesson with her was very discouraging.  We said what we know (next to nothing) and we mostly read out of a book of our pre written phrases.  Then she would drop a question on us like "whats the difference between a prophet and apostle?"  i can probably create about 7 phrases off the top of my dome and my companions and i in no way could even begin to anserw her question.  She tore our lesson apart.  The language is kind of killing me and some classes drain me of my masigila (enthusiasm), my pep and my personality.  But since sunday I have been feeling a lot better. You have nothing to worry about with me on this end. 

I'm in a triple companionship!!  I have an Elder Paulsen from SLC who graduated like 3 weeks ago. I look up to this guy a lot, he works hard and is very spiritual.  He never complains and is nice to talk to, he's my best friend in the MTC.  He's good at sports, huge but shorter then me. My other companion is Elder Larsen from South Jordan. He is tall and lanky, with the exact build as Ben Palmer so its kind of like having a familiar face in the MTC.  He's an interesting dude.  He's good,and we dont argue but i have to be tolerant.  He means well and is very intelligent.  He  knows the language well and has a goal of being fleuent before leaving the MTC (good luck buddy).  All in all a good tripanionship, and I'm very happy. 

We have about 4 elders in my zone and on my floor who are from Kiribatis and they are a riot.  So funny.  They are from the south pacific islands and are hilarious islanders. They have tons of stories from there.  A lot of the photos I will send you,  involve them.  They don't speak much english but we communicate with masigla.  They dont go to bed at the proper time but instead give people from the building haircuts (against the rules).  All of the polynesians and islanders get together and it gets so exciting.  There are good people put here.

My district is top notch.  Not much to say.  I have 2 other sisters, ones from Colorado Springs and the other from SLC, and 2 other Elders one from Fort Collins and the other from Gilbert (shout out to Lysys!).  The elder from Fort Collins is a super genius and we call him "Elder soon to be big money" because he is a young Bill Gates.  He is avery quiet kid.  The other elder from Gilbert is Elder Waite (shout out to Wolffs!!), he is such a beauty, fills me with masigla, he gets me laughin so hard.  I am a huge fan. 

If you are ever wondering what I'm up to and its between 8am and 9pm you can bet I'm in class while my teacher is speaking only tagalog at me.  We usually have 8-10 hours of class/study time a day.  It gets discouraging some days, but some lessons in here will blow your mind and fill you with masigla.  I'm very hyped to be out here and honoured to be a missionary for this church i love so dearly.  So don't worry about me, I'm getting through this just fine. 

Mom..i need some things from you, lol, typical.  I need sneakers immediately because I have been using my crocs as athletic shoes during gym time and the trainers are not hyped.  Thanks for the crocs tho erin!!! life saver.  So if you could buy some online or something and ship them to the MTC that would be great.

Also could i get a flip book of photos? I want pictures of my family and crew and tons of my adventures.  Make sure they are sick or funny, thanks. I also need a pillow tie for traveling and laughs.  Can you also wash my goretex jacket and store it out of the sunlight in my closet or something.  You are the best mama.

I think about home sometimes but i am not homesick.  I realize summer is soon and I'm getting hyped for all the kids back home.  If any of you NW folks need something to do i have a suggestion.  A good start is grabbing my dog Joey,  a Matt Wolff and a Ben Kearl and heading somewhere pretty neat to go for a good walk.  That always leads to a sunny day.  Please walk my dog, the more he gets walked (to an extent, go easy on him hes old) the longer he will live.  So thats on you guys!  His leash is on the front step and the evite is open for all.  Get out of your house (your house is lame) and go outside or to someone else's house.  My favourite house is the Wolffs.   I prefer to drop in uninvited, its good living lol (sorry Wolffs). 

As one day in here feels like a week,  you feel all the emotions in one day as you would a week.  It's a rollercoaster. i have become closer with my Heavenly Father and I am working hard and praying harder!   I wouldn't trade this experience or trial for anything.   I'm becoming a better person and stronger in my faith.  The MTC is a magical place. 

I found out that I get to go to the Manila MTC for 5 days and I'm super hyped for that.

I've decided the scripture I want on my mission plaque.  I have chosen Alma 26:11-12,  it's a beauty.  It reads, "But Ammon said unto him:  I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.  Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in His strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise His name forever." 

Work hard, Pray hard,
Elder Kearl

PS: Please send me as many dear elders and mail as you possibly can everybody!!!!  Mail is a life changer and i love to hear from home no matter what it be about or no matter how much you have to say!  My mom will hook up the neccesary info (thx mom :)) love you guys. 

from julie:  what scott is referring to is  on the left hand side you can select 'MTC pouch Free'.  You can send a quick note to him and they print them out every day and deliver them that evening to the MTC.  his unit number is 40, mission is PHI-CAU and his departure date is July 27.  I have attached a link for you.

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