Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Receiving his mission call

After much anticipation, Scott finally received his mission call in the mail.   In the weeks leading up to his call, people would often ask him where he did not want to go.  His response was Edmonton or the Philippines.  He had a good friend Shane Lethaby recently return from Lagaspi Philippines mission and he told Scott about all the bugs there and the fact that they didn't always use toilet paper in the bathroom.  Those two things made the Philippines not too appealing to Scott.

He didn't want a lot of people to be there when he opened it.  Scott invited his cousins Anthony and Ben, Aunt Liana, Caleb, Matt, Joel and Shane Lethaby.  We had his dad, grandpa Rosenvall, Aunt Laura, Dan and Emily on FaceTime to listen in.  When he read out the Philippines, Shane Lethaby was beyond excited.  Scott quickly became excited his call.  He would enter the MTC in Provo on June 15, learning the Tagalog language.  We were pretty excited it was close to where Dan served in Micronesia Guam.

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