Monday, April 30, 2018

our bus came late so we waited from 8 am to 5 pm at a highway junction on transfer day

Hello po Lola,

6 weeks to sexy has begun. I will be finishing my mission in this area, Burgos Branch 1 and 2 with Elder Ricarte who goes home 6 weeks after me. 

nothing to really add. Elder Brockbank transfered out of our old area and that was a shock bc we thought he would die there. also not very fun. Baluarte is amazing and he really didnt want to leave. also not fun having a new area for your last 6 weeks.

On transfer day our bus came late so we waited from 8-5 at a highway junction. that missionary we were waiting with got pretty close with my trainer, Elder Briones, and just loved him. Elder Briones than came back to the mission and visit and that missionary said he had a huge countenance to him. i really look up to my trainer and miss him quite a bit. hoping to call him a bit once im home.

that is soo nice to hear about baby David. wow its crazy to think we have an addition finnaly! how emily feeling about it all? 

hey could you please send me some money so i can go to the temple on my way home? just put in whatever :) its not very pricy at all. please let me know when you do thanks :) 

SKYPE: for skype i can use my neighbours wifi and ipda/laptop. a good time would be monday morning for me. is that ok? also would it be ok if i just skyped one computer? like just to you guys to keep it simple and good connection? also please invite anyone you think needs to be there. could be lots of people or a few. its all good to me. 

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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