Monday, April 16, 2018

tiny flashlight connected so you can see where you are stabbing?????

i will be seeing Edwin in an hour here! cant wait! going to be so cool.
when and where is Moroni's quest? i'd like to hear more about that. do we have dental and medical appointments locked down yet for when i get home? 
We had interviews this last tuesday and President said that this area will no longer be zone leader area this cycle or next cycle. so there might be changes coming up. also 1 year ago i transferred to Cauayan and finished my training with Elder Fernando :) 

in the last 24 hours, a girl our age said she would join the church for us and kept calling us handsome and one guy telling us he has 10 books of mormon and he had a friend read that book and then go crazy and shoot his wife. that man has also apparently read the whole Book of Mormon. so idk. you wake up every morning here not really knowing who you will talk to or what the day holds for you.
i also feel impressed to tell you about the mission legend of Bro.Pete. so Pete is a 60+ yo man who married a filipino here and now lives here. He served in ward and came home and family issues arose. he moved to the Philippines and opened a shop. He ended up getting robbed and beat and left with nothing to his name. He had no money and living far from anyone he knew in a 3rd world country. Pete prayed, than a missionary found him, saw he was holding some pearls and offered to buy them off of him. Pete than started a business selling pearls to missionaries, got baptized along the way (maybe even before the philippines not sure) and made it back up on his feet. Found his wife, got reconnected with his family and fought to get his rightful pension from being in the military. Now Pete cooks chimichangas for mission meetings and provides us missionaries with Pearls, Swords, Blow Dart Guns, Belts etc.. He's such a funny and ridiculous guy but loves helping the narries out. i now have a place to stay if i were to come visit here :) He doesn't get along with the mission rules but we all love him. Bro Pete.
oh man this guy just came in here and is trying to sell me a tazer, a baton sword and many different switchblade knives and some have a tiny flashlight connected just so you can see where you are stabbing i guess idk. he also has some belts and hair clippers. very convincing. guess you will see what happened once i'm home :)
hey well gotta go meet Edwin and his wife! can't wait. 

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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