Monday, May 7, 2018

airport.....signs won't be necessary but i'm excited for hugs

Hello po Lola...

ill let you know about what i want for my first meal home next week.

airport. just invite anyone who wants to come or it would be a really good experince for them to be there. ex: those thinking about missions, etc... please give them a formal invite from me. even if there needs to be ton of people its fine by me. signs wont be neccessary but i'm excited for hugs :)
So it reached 41 degrees the other day which is tremendous heat but life has been so good lately bc the heat doesn't even faze in the slightest for some reason. I remember last year while walking on dusty roads at 2pm just dreaming of drinking ice cold juices and soft drinks and stuff and swimming in big lakes. it consumed much of my thoughts but for some reason this year the heat doesn't even seem like a thing. I thank God everyday for that incredible blessing. everyone also says that this year is way hotter than last! I've been into the heat. 

KIBITZER - English word Elder Ricarte taught me meaning someone who gives unneeded or unnecessary advice.

I've actually been really happy lately. just having tons of fun talking to so many people everyday. On thursday I had my last MLC and near the end i was just waiting out the clock bc i wanted to get on the jeepney and talk to my seat mates about the Book of Mormon. its been fun recently bc Elder Ricarte and I try to find what peoples dreams, fears and worries are within the first 30 seconds of meeting them and show them how the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon will give them a solution and path. WE try so hard not to be a kibitzer and try to understand all concerns with lots of questions and its been super interesting. people care a lot more once they see your there to make them happy than to just bible study with them.

I don't like going home soon tho. Its hard for me to learn something and think its been like 23 months and i just started doing it. it literally hurts. also to notice a weakness of mine i want to conquer and realize i only got how many more weeks?.... its a weird kind of stress.

wish i had some good updates about the work. we have found some good people tho.

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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