Monday, April 2, 2018

I've had an amazing mission so far...

hello po nay,

Please make sure to message Sister Hiatt ASAP once david is born so she can inform me. thanks :) 

Elder and I had a very successfull week! we had an investigator at church for each branch, dinners at LA's houses, members introducing us to LA's, and a good council meeting with the Elders Quorum of the Lord. 

I've been feeling good. It's been hitting me how close I really am to coming home. I've been getting good emails from Danny and Scott Wolff and Jesse which was super great! 

Edwins wife flies into the Philippines tomorrow and Preisdent is allowing for his WHOLE family to meet us for lunch one pday here. i am soo excited to see him. Ill be seeing Elder Brockbank on Thursday and a holy kiss may be in order. 

All in all: we have been greatly blessed lately and I've had an amazing mission so far. mom, i cant wait to just go for lunch with you once I'm home :)

Thats it, thats all. Heres some things from my friends emails this week:

1. We don't earn heaven, we learn heaven.
2. We aren't just saved by grave, it must also change us.
3. God does not send angels bearing a book for a generation to whom it has no relevance. We ignore that book and/or take it lightly at our peril and condemnation. It is not just a nice book with nice principles.
4. No matter what we do we can never do more than is required of us--meaning we never become the issuer of debt to the Lord.
5. Faith simply cannot be dependent on circumstance, that defeats the whole purpose of it. Faith in its purity, and by nature, is unwavering and immovable. Meaning we cannot wait for a green pasture to renew our faith, the faith must take us there.
6. We cannot maintain an even level of folly. We are either moving up or down, and every step up is a righteous one. 
7. Holiness and righteousness are inseparable.
8. The value of love is not found in it's reciprocation.
9. God is perfectly capable of hearing every silent prayer you utter and is also perfectly capable of communicating with you in ways that keep you on your toes in all the best, but perfectly stretching, ways. 
"Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping."
Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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