Monday, April 23, 2018

hey lola...hey grandma!

Hey Lola! Hey Grandma! 

On Wednesday evening i believe, i got a text from Sister Hiatt saying that David was born. later that week she sent a photo down with the senior couples of David George looking good. DGK the third. seeing Danny's pictures today was amazing and i am just so proud of those 2. really really neat. i spent the week bragging to just about everyone! no one seems to be as hyped as me although. When i show the family pic i now mention instead of Natasha being super buntis she has now brought a life into the world. exciting stuff. 

A funny story to start off: we helped at a funeral. We dedicated the grave and spoke but we didn't even know the lady. anyway when they were carrying the casket to the car they got a chicken and cut its head off and threw it behind the casket on the ground. the headless chicken flapped like crazy for like a minute. also before they put the casket in the earth they lifted all children present over the casket 3 times. weird catholic traditions to an endowed LDS woman. made me giggle tho :)

also had a pretty special experience with a missionary on wednesday. We went on splits and as we accounted at the end of the day the elder told me he has been having a really hard past couple weeks in a tough area for lots of reasons and we talked for an hour about it before going to bed. It was really hard listening to him how hard it has been with for him in his mission and i really didn't know what to say. But i just told him to be proud of the struggle and enjoy it. "who God wants to be his greatest soliders he gives His toughest battles." and how nice is it to struggle for all the good experience and things learned. it was a good experince.

LAST! i ate with Edwin, his daughter Zam and his wife who i just met for the first time, Gina! it was so incredible. its crazy to see how much Edwin has picked udp about the church. like slang and culture and his wife is super funny. they are both loud, happy and not shy. felt just like good ol' times. its cool to have such a close friend in the mission. and bc of him about 9 people have been baptized over there. i miss Baluarte. 

life keeps moving on tho! 

Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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