Sunday, March 25, 2018

what a blessing to come from strong stakes back home

you would think i would have more to report on right now but can't say there is a whole lot. experiencing some Burgos life. in the middle of nowwhere trying to get friends to come back and enjoy the restored gospel. 

had a pretty special experience blessing the sacrament. not many Priesthood holders in the second branch so they utilize us pretty good. When i was a 16 yo back home it didn't mean a whole lot to me tbh bc i didn't really understand what it was. even for a big part of my mission i didn't know a lot about the sacrament but 3 nephi 18 makes it so clear and it is an amazing chapter. had some really strong feelings lately of having to do my best while i'm here especially as we were blessing the sacrament that i really just got to do this well bc i want the people to be happy and i've been taught and have blessings that others need to know! pretty emotional. 

also taught a RC older couple temple preparation class with no preparation on my part and that was interesting. super cool to see them take this step. but they started looking more and more worried as the class went on. I'm very grateful for Grandma Rosenvall's friend for preparing Ben Palmer and I so well in there home:) kind of a sweet experience now to look back on.

really appreciate living in a country where the church is very established. what a blessing to come from strong stakes. 

i've been having similar good struggles like i had in my first area which is cool! it feels like my mission has started to repeat its self for some round 2 growing and learning. feeling more dedicated that ever and i'm excited :)

We have had a dinner appointments every night since i've gotten here (many at LA's or non members) and have some service planned for a LA friend.

wish i had more to say, sorry!

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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