Sunday, February 26, 2017

this place loves parades and joel's grandma wrote me 2 more letters!

Elder Bednar came to visit the mission!

hey nay,

so the power went out at the mega asian net shop so we came back after runnning around for a while. buhay pa!

pretty crazy week. tuesday, dentist appointment in Santiago, btw she's doing fine and has been a dentist for a long time and has been to dental school and everything. let's have a little more faith in her. still got that hole, she's covered tho and is getting figured out. it's not getting worse and there's no pain, so we're all good. 

wednesday, a Zone conference in Santiago with the southern half of the mission. super good! 

thursday in Cauayan for follow up training for my anak. super great again. 

i'm going quick, sorry. 

friday we had a visit from David A. Bednar and Shayne M. Bowen (Area President). man, this was a super cool experience. for 2 and a half hours, he ran the show and only asked or responded to questions. no talk, no speech. he made it clear he wants to talk with us, not to us. and he did very well at that. 

he is just chalk full of wisdom and is super funny. i managed to ask a question about studying deeper and taking better notes. he told me it was a "tremendous question". got me hyped, and all four men took their time to reply to it. super great. he kept checking if i understood and we went back and forth a little. learned a ton from that meeting. it's hard to explain. but he mentioned a lot that we are agents to act, not objects to be acted upon. ya know? nobody "makes you mad". you choose to be mad. went deep into it. also some super deep stuff about faith and repentance that kind of turns each subject right around. seriously blew me right away with his wisdom. great experience. he mentioned some cool apostle things like everywhere they go isn't for a huge conference, but for the one and he shared some neat behind stories of him meeting individuals. special taligia!

saturday, there was a surprise broadcast from Manila from those 4 and it was awesome again.

but some cool things this week. saw 2 parades! this place loves parades and Joel's grandma wrote me 2 more letters! making that 3 now. more than some of us....... i love her to death. cherish Oma forever. we counted our teaching pool and we now have 40 names we are teaching! we started w about 4 people, five weeks ago! and discovered the filipino response. it's something like this "hey can we meet you?" what are you?!" or "how are you?" "you! how are you?!", "hello" "where are you going?!" basically, they don't reply to your questions in the way you wish. 

manila would be rad. tara na!! 

also mom, could you please send me a small PMG from the online store and if you haven't done anything on the online store, could ya? my RC's salvation depends on it! thanks!!! 

sorry, l love ya!

HYMN 249 called to serve 

"called to know the richness of His blessings"


cute l'il fella

our swedish man, erik

what writing a letter home looks like

bow river vibes here

bishopric members family

4 tatays, 4 anaks. too many narries

elder D and C. a dupax legend in the midst

sketchy morning shave find

my family!!! apo (grandson), lolo (grandpa), tatay (dad)!! elder briones sighting! 

careful elder


started on jan 18 with 4 names now we got 40!! this place tho

cute l'il fella

picking a pigs nose

river vibes

malakas siya grabe

left a note in the church

alicia 1 and 3 narries

had a stroke, can barely walk or talk, got baptized, active as can be. RONNIE PALOS


in these past 5 weeks weve saved 850 pesos for a go at a highly reccomened pizza resturant! GET HYPED!

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love dis pic. cherish it

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