Sunday, February 5, 2017

"if you are complaining about your life, it's bc you are thinking of yourself" hinckley

riding paul's bike
hi mama,

kamusta po nay 

what the the lake is frozen?! so epic! and JDs fam with shipleys? what a throw back! 

yeah, so the tooth hole is back from the grave! sall good tho. no pain, just trips to the insane nice, funny and friendly dentist. she spent like close to an hour and half trying to get the old tooth filling out, with a cancelled appointment earlier. she's been to edmonton a ton too.  her daughter is studying at U of A, SW she says  crazy hey?  if you are stressing about my tooth, now is a good time to stop. i might need antibiotics at some point. 

do not fear

nothin too crazy this week. we managed to catch one of the mice, named him chow chow and then let him free the next day instead of killing him bc thats what Jesus would do. he ended up dying anyway. RIP chow chow.  maybe we are mouse free now. but sidenote....there's no cockroaches here either. 

chow chow catch

chow chow the mouse

after the Senior couples left w a discouraging apartment grade, we created a sophisticated daily and weekly chore rotation. last monday, we scrubbed so hard and as per usual loved it!! the apartments getting pretty clean w some big changes. when in doubt, scrub it out. 

heard a quote for all of you from an amazing talk called "living after the manner of happiness" by Hinckley. basically, if you are human,  you should read it. he drops a piece of gold by mentioning "if your complaining about life, it's bc you are thinking of yourself". well said. 

also had a powerful week teaching repentance. i realized how great it is teaching and it is going to be weird returning and not trying to change everybodies life for the better through the good news we carry. being a missionary you can say some pretty bold things. ran into lots of LA's and said "God needs you to repent". so much love, tons of tears. its the best. love teaching seriously.

one more thing is something Elder Bednar said to us in a missionary broadcast. "your testimony is your life not your words". basicaly if you say these things are true, thats great. but you have to live your life because there true as well. PREACH!

that should be about it. life is moving along. just hit 6 months in the Philippines mark and rolling up on 8 months since leaving your nest. life.

hymn, 144, Secret Prayer
" when sailing on lifes stormy sea, mid billows of despair,  tis solace to my soul to know god hears my secret prayer"

round 2 with satay

cute, right 

no shoes, no problem, 80 year old going strong 

making chocolate

sunday morning walks 
rixie red


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