Sunday, March 5, 2017

i've been rediscovering how to put the scott kearl into the Elder Kearl

my favourite animal is puppies


some pretty fun changes this week. so we lost Elder Castro..... RIP. but now i have an american in the house! a 6 foot 5 wizard, from Fresno, California, who shares a birthday with me! may 28 1997! He’s a hoot, but the distraction is next level. I’ve been a little bit late to studies even.... s’all good, I’ll repent. He’s also chalk full of wisdom since he has been with some of the hardest companions the PCM has to offer. He’s opened my eyes quite a bit to how much i really need to improve. i got a long way to go! i realized that i kinda left some of my good traits at home.. but I’ve been rediscovering how to put the scott kearl into the Elder Kearl. I’ll let you know how it goes tho. Let’s just say i really really like this guy and we are very good friends who get a little too trunky together. 

oh, also in my district we have another companionship! so now there’s 9 missionaries i have to carefully lift, encourage, inspire and bless. i then report to the Zone Leaders who cover the districts and they go to the Assistants who cover the zones. my district is one companionship off of qualifying for a zone! biggest in the mission! more work but i can’t help but love it!

some quick funny things to mention this week is Philippinos love to say your title in almost every sentence. so depending who you are, you get unlimited "yes sir"s or also, elder, nanay, tatay, brother and if your like 18 and up they call you "mum". not m’am but mum lol. 

also these people are also stressin over health and medicine. you got the weirdest diseases out here. like if your hair gets wet from rain you’ll get sick or a thing called "pasma". pasma is when your sweating or hot and you shower you get that disease. apparently it kills people but it’s actually a myth they just don’t know it yet. Also, if you shower while hot apparently water will enter your skin and collect in your lungs and kill you! did you guys know about that? It’ll get cha. another thing is everyone stresses about "high blood" aka high blood pressure. they know just about anything to do with blood pressure. maybe that’s a good thing tho. any way one missionary was upset one day and we were trying to help him and he admitted the problem was he ate pig that morning. no one understood the big deal and he quickly told us "im highblood!" it’s a good joke for us americans tho. 

other than that we have an investigator probably being baptized on saturday! the kids a champ and even more people are coming to our overflowing ward. february 2017 didn’t exist in my life. time is going way too fast, i can’t hold on! i remember like 2 days in february. 

Yeah, life is good and the hymn will be a wild card 


biggest piece of meat ever!  with no rice

lol! thanks for the meal nay

traditional filipino blanket wind tunnel creation

74 years old and works with us all day

yyyyeehhhwww doggies!


elder palmer my boy


this is the cauayan philippines mission in one photo


maryenda got me like

elder maloy going head to head with our goat friend

our usual trunky spot

in the house


swimming pool bap

elder mcCauley is one long elder (6 foot 5)


sa loob na

my boy randy is half way to death

that fasting grind gotcha like

"dinner is ready [my children]" LOVE NANAYS

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