Sunday, February 19, 2017

we got that one size fits all medicine with the not so one size fits all lessons


so i'll keep these weeklys quick bc i got to give some email love to the fans. man, they are coming in heavy every week and the 2 hours ain't cutting it so i'll get straight to the good stuff. 

while out in the middle of no where, we ran across this guy who we thought was dead,not moving, laying on the dirt road. we nudged him and he made a move so we both let out a sigh of relief. turns out he was just tired and drunk. he was speaking some deep illocano and then once he opened his eye after like 5 minutes and discovered my skin, he tried english. he started yelling "I AM A MASTER OF MY OWN FAITH". agency. also kept going on and on about brigham young. he confused him for Jesus. he wouldn't tell us his name but mentioned the names of the narries who baptized him in like the 90s. we instantly fell in love with the guy bc he's a son of God and we picked him up after like 20 mins, brushed him off, told him we loved him, he told us to, we walked him home, left a note for a follow up and he thanked us profusely! highlight. sunnier if you were present. 

as i hit the ol 1/3 mark of 8 months i thought to myself "what if i went home tomorrow?" i thought again "probably feel like i never left." it hasn't even felt like i've been gone for 2 months. TIME IS FAKE. so quick, oh man. that means it's quick over there right? 

crazy place out here, we randomly meet more LA's (Less Actives) then non members. super fun everytime and powerful, but insane bold lessons to rescue em. basically, we got that one size fits all medicine with the not so one size fits all lessons. teach people, not lessons. 

interesting quote i hope will inspire people to be more bold at the pulpit, in the home or with friends. "a testimony is to be found in the bearing of it" TRUTH and i'm sure lots of us have felt that at one time or another. 

Weekly hymn: 252 Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

"the church has need of helping hands, and hearts that know and feel"


p.s. i would also love in a package an awesome smelly candle, i know you got enough to spare and brown leather shoe polish, waterproof one as well! thanks! also could you please get me the email of president palmer's (stake presidency) sons (brett) wife (Madi i think) email. i heard she served in cauayan philippines. thanks

drunkest LA.  love him tho

pig nanay

backyard coconuts

working for it

work for dat meat

almost there

carving out that good stuff


ano gusto mo huh?!?!

l'il splash back

peep dis l'il guy

kulay green chix

getting hooked up phat

you are blessed elder

farms!! love em

nicest nanay on the block right next to Alicias version of sin city. gay kareoke bar on gay kareoko bar


blessy mae and friend :)
bb boy :)

our garden

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