Tuesday, December 27, 2016

there is a special place in heaven for mission presidents and their wives.....they travelled 6 hours to be with scotty for his dental work today and kept sending me updates with pictures!

Tuesday morning
Hi Sister Kearl, 

he is actually scheduled for today at 9:00 a.m. our time.  We are meeting him in Solano to give him the money he needs to for pain medication.  His pain meds are reimbursable.  President will offer him a blessing if he feels he needs it.  

I understand you concern completely as we have sent 6/7 of our children out on missions (our oldest daughter married at age 20:-).

if you could get a glimpse of how these young men and young women step up to manhood and womanhood in such a quick and beautiful manner, it would overflow your heart with joy.  Elder Kearl is wonderful.  He is happy, obedient, willing and trusted. His Tagalog is remarkable and he is already serving as a district leader at a very young 'mission' age.

We had a wonderful Christmas, there is a special feeling spending Christmas in the mission field - it really can't be duplicated.  We hope yours was too.  I'll update you on his progress.

Keep him in your prayers as do we.

Love, Sister Hiatt

Tuesday evening
Hi Sister Kearl, 
just thought you'd like a bit of a visual of the dentist location here in Solano.
Sister Hiatt

Hi Sister Kearl,
President Hiatt and Elder Mebulos gave him a blessing- all will be well. I picked up his antibiotics and gave him sufficient ibuprofen for pain, just in case. The dentist assured him there would not be any after the procedure.
I'll update you after the root canal is over.
Love you!
Sister Hiatt

Hi Sister Kearl,
This is the clinic where the root canal will take place. This dentist has been highly recommended.

Hi Sister Kearl,
A couple fun photos, a funeral procession and the city Christmas tree.
Elder Kearl and Elder Mebulos traveled about an hour from their area in Dupax Del Sur (south) in the zone of Bambang to Solano. They are the southern most area of our mission.
It's a great and wonderful life here!
Sister Hiatt

and finally, an email from scotty boy from President Hiatt's phone.

Hey nay hey tay! Elder Kearl here in the flesh. The Oh so lovely Sister Hiatt is letting me write a little note to ya guys! All is well in Del Sur, en route to the root canal after a lovely blessing from President Hiatt and Elder Mebulos. Whatever happens just know it will make for a good story and Sean Frieberg can probably fix it. Love ya, praying for ya.



I emailed Sister Hiatt and thanked her for looking out for my boy.  She replied......

You are welcome, however, in your son's words...
"So still no root canal. We'll return next wednesday for that. The abcess still needs to drain. But those meds you got are perfect thanks! Enjoy banaue!

      Elder Kearl &
          Elder Mebulos
    ¤Dupax Del Sur¤

I responded to go get a burger and celebrate. 
He texted back: "Were on it! That christmas card from my grandpa had a life saving $40 (american) in it as well! And we can work today! :D"
  We love these elders!

Sister Hiatt

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