Sunday, January 1, 2017

still getting rice in the tooth hole

hi mama,

kamusta po nay,

its been a week thats for sure, but before i get into to it, i got two things. the philippines is really english especially in like banks and government stuff so the other day a family was talking money and they kept saying "cheeky".  i was super confused and then i thought about it and they were saying "cheque" lol. second is me and the comp are trying to learn Illocano. that's the other big language in this part of the country. it's as different as like spanish and portuguese where you can't understand the other but sometimes you can make it out. so if i try, i'll be able to speak 3 languages. we will see how it goes. this country has over 200 RECOGNIZED languages oh man.

so my root canal is this week now because my face didn't leak enough. so i'm still getting rice in the tooth hole but its all good. that day, president and sister hiatt were there and he gave me an awesome blessing that was beautiful. andgrandpa rosenvall sent me a letter with $40 american, i converted it and its enough to feed me for well over 2 weeks. thanks grandpa!  but as i was converting the money, i met a couple from calgary, filipinos visiting their parents. they are even from beddington! it was weird taking high schools and stuff. since its the holidays a lot of people are visiting. i've seen tons of white people too, like 5!! they stick out like a sore thumb.

so new years was pretty sunny. so they start celebrating christmas in september but that's because they are secretly excited for new years. that's their day! oh man. so the culture is just be as loaded as you can on and around 12 am. one guy leaned on his car horn for like 5 full minutes and these kids let off these air cannons that are insane loud and sound like gun shots so all you hear are cheap plastic trumpets and gun shots. impossible to sleep so we sat on our porch and watched fireworks from any and all directions. the day following everyone w a big smile says "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to each other. now this is the happiest day of the year. i've had to deal with a lot of drunk men too. usually just walk em home but one was even like burying his head in my chest and kissing me! super funny.

all in all, it's been a long and stresful cycle with many unexpected issues,  but i'm figuring it out and mostly just learning!! it sucks having so many weaknesses, but thats the point of life, so i'm into it.  don't worry about me.  i got this!

keep living and loving, 


deciding for 2017 to do a weekly hymn so this weeks is: hymn 130, be thou humble, and my fav line from it
"Be thou humble in thy calling, and the lord thy God shall teach thee.  To serve his children gladly with a pure and gentle love."

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