Wednesday, July 27, 2016


hey ma. so about calling. i will call between like 3 and 7pm tomorrow and i have a werid call card and it will not be possible for me to call more than like a couple times so what i ask of you is to get the crew together so i can talk to everybody at once. man do i love you guys and am excited to hear your voices. if mom dad, em and eric, natahsa and dan are all together that would be so preferable. also what number should i call??? it would save me minutes if i could call an american number. so please email me asap which number to call!! sorry for being a lil pesky i just want to talk to everybody bc of my masigla!!

much love,

sidenote:  All missionaries leaving the MTC get a calling card to use while they are at the airport travelling to their missions.  I was very much looking forward to hear scotty's voice and talk to him directly.  I was driving down to utah that day for Dan and Natasha's wedding and Emily was with me.  While we were driving south on the I-15 into Salt Lake City, it nearly killed us knowing that Scotty boy was travelling north on the I-15 towards the SLC airport.  We were busy with wedding errands all day and anxiously awaited his call.  He finally called while we were in Costco with Laura and her kids.  I was so excited when I heard his voice that I squealed.  An older woman walked by me and asked if I was talking to 'my missionary'.  Only in Utah.  Scott sounded more grown up and was excited to share more details about the MTC.  He said it was truly the hardest thing he had ever done but the most rewarding.  Even though the language has been hard for him, he is very happy to have the challenge of learning Tagalog.  He called me again from LAX and we talked for a short time.  It was his first time as a missionary outside of the MTC.  He said he was loving every minute of it.  People were offering to buy him meals or use their cell phones.  Hard to say goodbye but I understand why they limit the calls home.  It makes us both very homesick for each other.  Love my boy, julie

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