Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hi mama,

day 29, 1 month down, 23 to go (oh man)!

As per usual, the MTC is nothing short of stellar. i always talk about how much I learn so i think before i get into it i would like to share the biggest things that have affected me this past week.

As part of the MTC experience you get to watch special devotionals given here and they will blow your mind.  A christmas devo by Bednar was pretty killer but the biggest thing he talked about is characteristics of Christ.  His biggest being selflessness.  He shared the idea of when your are having a rough time, you should turn out and continue to help others, instead of turning in and thinking of yourself.   This helped me understand the thing I love most about dad.  I've noticed throughout my life that dad never complains and is very selfless.  But what I recently noticed is that no matter what was going on in dads life he would turn out and help others.  What a great example he is to me.  Bednar also said it is selfish to think of a mission as a sacrifice.  Instead it's an opportunity to serve others and Christ.  Whats interesting is that we are asked to come on our missions at a time when we are most like the natural man.  To serve a mission is the most opposite of the natural man.  We are on missions at a time when we have the most worldly desires and this is funny but scientifically proven to be most attracted to women, lol.   Hopefully that made sense rofl.  Also study the doctrine because it makes sense.  I have also learned alot about faith and its the key to everything.

Turns out we have the most epic zone in the MTC!  Theres like 50 of us and were like bf's.  Always eating with each other and we got 2 massive polys (over 300 lbs) who are insane loud.  Crazy good guys,  tons of bonding.  They call me the rapping ranger because I participate in the nightly freestlye battles.  Funny kids out here.  One quiet kid from Missouri,  dropped the most intriging rap about a dads life, idk it was hilarious tho.  So good.  I think I've bonded closest with this one SLC kid who spent this past year at Harvard.  Great guy.  Way smart.  So much masigla in here!!

My district is most fantastic. tons of bonding done.  To celebrate one month of friendship we are doing a secret santa gift exchange today.  Max spend is $2 and we buy things from the book store.  So much fun with these guys!   The funniest memories.  Also i got elder 'soon to be big money', so i got him a stapler and a temple reccomend holder.

The language is cruising along.  I no longer use notes to talk,  I can usually tanglish just enough to make sense to teach our investigator.  I am skyping to the Philippines tonight so wish me luck.

I miss some things.  2 biggest being motorcycling and walking joez.  I hope he's still alive.  

Other than that nbd.  Still classing so hard and and learning a ton.  Not much more to update on.  But i hope things are going good up north. oh also, nobody appreciates Canada :(  There loss tho suckers.

Hey if you ever get time I would love to get the full inside scoop on you and dads love story. I love you guys so much. 

work hard pray hard,

elder kearl

sidenote:  Aunt Liana received the following picture and note on Facebook.  Scott was a greeter for their son who was entering the MTC and saying goodbye to his family.  They wrote: 

"Thank you Elder Kearl made the drop easy and smooth for my and got my son really excited to be there. Elder Kearl will be an awesome missionary.  Where is he serving by the way?  He (I assume she means her son) is heading to Papua New Guinea.Elder Kearl was such a nice young man. He was happy and smiling the whole time and ask to take pictures for our family. He laughed when I ask if any of his family is on fb. He wrote down his name and said if I find any of his family it will be funny. So please let him know I did send you the photo haha

More pics from the MTC

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