Friday, July 29, 2016


hi mom,

made it to manila, what a journey. werid place thats for sure. heard a rumoured stat its like most populated city in the world or something idk but you should see the traffic. such a thrill ride!! and like so many asians which makes a lot of sense. got some good pics ill have to send out next wensday!! (your tuesday).

so from provo MTC to this MTC it took something like 30 hours of travelling. and w 22 narries. got hectic but sunny days in the end. crazy views of hong kong from the airplane and great memories from the flights. the best flight i have ever partaken of was from hongkong to manilla. 2 hours, crazy high tec, chicken adobo wraps as a snack and a great row. oh and mooched an insane amount of candy from the sisters, too typical. oh werid drinks down here. idk how to explain the taste but most excellent. 

also ran into and befriended dannys old companion elder garcia!!!! it was so funny, i was like "yeah dannys doing great he gets married..... today!" it was funny. idk what year it is anymore bc of destryoed eternal clock but my masigla is red linning it. great food in here. ngl its anoyying being new again to the MTC. just 5 more days tho. tmrw i get set loose on the streets of manila for like 4 hours!! (w an experinced narrie of course) and im hyped. the heats a thing but its not actually heat its just slime. so if you can handle being moist at like all times youll be fine so im cruising. everyone smells terrible. my teeth havent been brushed really (srry sean) but ill just embrace. ya boy out in asia is happy.

sending love from the south china sea, 
elder kearl

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