Thursday, July 28, 2016


lol just a quick email from china. currently at hong kong international idk what time it is but the sun just rose and its 4:57pm over there in UT. i just witnessed 19 hours of no sun because we were running away from the sun rise. the 15 hour flight was rad. went soo quick. good airline. unreal flight food. found a tagalog learning game on the screen. ate like a hot fish oatmeal for breakfest lol it was awful. slept like 9 hours. read so much ensign and had a gooder.  crossed the international date line and skipped the 28th of july. its the 29th for my body. masigla.
en route to manilla now
love you guys
elder kurd

sidenote:  While Scott was flying to the Philippines, I received a random text from someone who sent me the above picture.  It was a lovely surprise.  What a great looking bunch of missionaries.

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