Tuesday, May 22, 2018

can't wait for hugs on june 07 and a kiss for dad


good week, but man i'm excited for christmas! i've been feeling really good tbh. just content. satisfied. ready. happy. I've had such a wonderfull mission.

things learned:

Understanding - for mutual understanding to be achieved there must be listening AND speaking. sometimes the speaking is over looked but we got to say whats in our head and do it carefully and clearly.

Your "Best" - Our best is when we are using all our effort and doing things the best way possible. We often see people put in alot of effort but not in an effective way because they dont know how, ex: Someone on the piano who never learned how to play. Hes just smashing keys but is in fact "trying his best." you got to do things right. and learn how to do them right. 

hope that made sense. cant wait for hugs on june 07 and a kiss for dad :) 

Amy (cousin serving in japan) asked me these questions and here is my response:

Fav thing of being a missionary: i just love studying, learning,
setting goals, making plans, trying them out on people, seeing the
results, accounting, trying again and it goes on. IDK just being a
narrie is so freaking weird. but thats why i love it. when else would
you try to talk to everybody you see? where else would you try to
change all those peoples lives? it's just super unique with tons of
unique experiences. i love accounting with missionaries, counselling
with them, companionship inventories or helping investigators with
their concerns etc. its just so much weird psychology.

how do I deal with the stress: I actually don't get very stressed but
when i do its after church. End of the week, you see your KI's for the
week, People didn't come to church like they said they would, the
members at church don't really go to church they just stay on the
phones and try to get you to teach their classes and do their callings
and they don't really go to any meetings etc.. but what i learned, only
recently, is to not stress one bad week. it will pass and be forgotten
about. look at the big picture and realize a couple bad weeks won't
hurt anyone too much. also remember "no effort is wasted".

#1 thing learned as a missionary: Thats tough... idk planning and goal
setting has been huge. honesty. obedience. humility. really tough
question. ill let you know once im home hahaha

How do I keep myself in the mindset where i'm ready to learn and ready
to feel the spirit: Just to realize how important it is to LEARN AS
MUCH AS POSSIBLE by study and by faith (DC 88:118) in these short 2
years and CHANGE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE or to be as Christlike and
prepared for life / success before I go home. always humbles me (Ether
12:27) enough to repent and do better and be thirsty for change. PMG
pg 19 quote.

Feelings: as good as ever. doesn't really feel any different. it sucks
learning something new tho and wishing i had done it earlier or to
notice how imperfect i really am.

TIP: only study PMG in personal study. use time outside of personal to
personally study the BoM. but still read it every day. Example: i read
the BoM 15mins before planning and 15mins before bed. become a walking
PMG with all chapter 3 memorized with a scripture for each sentence.

Great questions. oh and ill get Sean to look at my tooth my first friday home.

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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