Monday, May 14, 2018

last skype call to scotty boy in the philippines

Sadly....most of our Skype call was the bottom right pic...awful connection...remote area

man was it great talking to you a couple of hours ago. not nearly as exciting as it was in the past because of how long ive been out and how close i am to personally seeing you but appreciated none the less. I sure love you guys and HAPPY MOMS DAY. 

fast week with lots of fun stuff. 

All the missionaries going home had a career workshop which i really enjoyed. it talked about getting jobs and mapping out your life n stuff which felt really good. the senior couples in charge of it shared plenty of cute personal stories as well and it was great. got to see Elder Brockbank and other friends some more which was nice. 

that night i got to work in Cauayan again in my old area. it was soo coo. the best was a member gave us a ride to visit the Amigo family! they are very special to me. they were my first close friends in my mission and probly one of my hardest goodbyes yet. the whole time i was in Cauayan one of the daughters was pregnant but gave birth the day before i left Cauayan and so i got to see that baby on its first day of life. super special. and then i got to see the baby again! its big and helathy and its crazy to see how long ive been gone from there till now in a physical representation. one of my favorite mission memories probly. such good people. 

and the next day we went to BANAUE! the "8th Wonder of the World" with my going home crew and it was such a fun experince. other than the stunning views and good crew we experinced lots of tender mercies. While on our way home we stopped at a chapel to change and a van of members from Elder Brockbanks first area who ive met before stoped by by coincidence and so Elder Brockbank was able to say bye before we finish. AND while driving through we were able to see a missionary companionship who was really close to me and is Elder Brockbanks trainee. This made it possible for Elder Brockbank to see his grandson and before we thought it would never happen. 

really neat experinces. 

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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