Monday, March 5, 2018

there is so much goodness going on in this area

hi mama, 

thats cool your staying busy and baby David is getting spoiled! when are you finishing school? like for good and also this summer? what is you and dads plan? just keep plugging along or like moving to italy? anything crazy? kick me out or something! mix it up! 

no travel plans yet. probably end of this month. its close to 100% im out of here on june 6th. no way around that we will just see how long it takes me to get there.  please make doctors and dentist appointments for me please.


quick higlight: so geese are really aggressive here and always act like there going to attack you. not cool. so i walk past a goose who is just giving me the biggest stink eye and stares at me as i walk past him and when my body passes him this guy takes a lunge at me! what a freak! but i quickly turn around so it doesn't bite and i mange to grab its super long neck and throw it to the side making it do a 180. not cool.

Hey, so Samuel and Joesphine who got baptized last weekend have been working with us a bit! its cool hearing what Samuel had to say. he said that he didn't want to waste our time and have us keep coming back for no reason so he took the challenge and asked God if the Book of Mormon is true. He said he had one dream where a voice told him very clearly that "the Book of Mormon and what we teach him will help make him clean." super cool to see. His neighbour and daughter will be baptized here soon. that neighbours wife is like "yeah get baptized! i love the mormons!" and shes over in japan or something. hopefully Amy will find her.

Edwin killing it again! so we had a FHE with edwin the other day and his crew and they loved it! the crew had another one and they invited 3 of their friends and 2 of those friends went to church! one of them was a dad named Vangel who drinks a lot and we taught him a while back but didn't really care. but after teaching him once again after the FHE he comes to church because he wants good family strength. and the other friend was a fellow teenage girl who didn't seem to interested at first but is pretty into it now. 

there is so much goodness going on this area its hard to balance everything. crazy.
Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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