Monday, March 19, 2018

hey, no more counting days mom, i'm anti that

super cool stuff. when you look at it alot is really going on back
home. i love telling people that we will have a new baby in the family
soon. i hope you relize that like 5 diffrent people a day see you and
the family haha.

so big week! President gave me a pretty neat assignment to finish me
off. me and a fresh Zone Leader (Elder Ricarte (also my batch (we
arrived at the same time))) opened the zone leader area of Burgos on
wednesday. The guys we replaced are great missionaries who were doing an
amazing job but this weird place "needed a fresh look" -Pres.. The
missionaries left the place with some solid people to teach but i can't
help but really miss Baluarte. it was hard saying good bye to some of
my new best friend who i grew to love over the 7 months i was there.
but it'll be good using my last 3 months here.

about the place. it sure is weird. its the equivalent to like
standoff. the place right before cardston. you travel between 2 kinda
big cites in a hot bus/van thing for like 30 mins surrounded with no
houses just farm and then stop at a gas station and resturant and then
your here. BURGOS, ISABELA. our house is legit tho with cheap air con
all day ere day and my comp is clean :) easy apartment to keep up (not
like the last one). we live in a compound with a bunch of members but
only a few (maybe 1) are active. the place feels like UTAH bc so many
people are members and everyone calls you elder and not just brother.
but soooo many endowed members are LA so president told us to focus

the area is tiny! but we live in our area, close to the church, and
just walking everyday which is something im really not used to! first
in my mission! no roomates which has been nice tbh but were covering 2
branches! the boundries and everything is super confusing bc members
just go to church at whatever time they want. hard keeping track of
everything. we live across the street from a great member family and
every one here just works on the farm. its honestly really cool here. i
really enjoy it. no ones busy ever and its super rural. i rode a
caribao! (water buffalo thing). just feels like i'm in a western movie
at all points of time.

life is moving on. starting to hit how much time i don't have left but i
dont wanna think about it. hey no more counting days. i'm anti that.

2 years ago i got my mission call and endowed. crazy.

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

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