Sunday, March 19, 2017

i also like fought a baby cow and he almost kicked my butt

no pictures from scotty this week so i have added some instead

he has always been a happy and smiley boy


pretty funny and sunny week but i'll start with the funny for you dang skimmers out there.

so my tooth did get "fixed". it took a while and even involved like ancient chinese fire. she would use this cool lantern flame to heat up her tools, stick em in my mouth and then it would smoke and smell good but idk, i trust her. but then she told me i'm pretty much wreckt for the rest of my life bc now my tooth is weak and brittle and if i'm not careful it can crack off and maybe fall out! it's pretty much dead now and also will turn yellow one day... i was pretty upset about this tbh but then another day dawned and i forgot about it. she still goes. 

i also like fought a baby cow. the sucker was strong! so this kids walking a calf and i wanted to try, so he let me, and i went to unwrap the rope leash from his leg and the calf went nuts! for like 2 minutes straight i had to use all my strength to stop it from running away with me still holding on. it just ran in circles with me as the focal point. it fell on the ground once and i was barely holding on but the fear of losing this boys cow gave me some extra determination. it ended up stopping and i gave the leash back and calmly, but being embarrassed, i passed the laughing crowd with very little dignity left as the cow almost kicked my butt. but not this time. 

also fixed that light! just took some fresh eyes and actually thinking, but i even improved it, which was my goal! only problem is there goes the little bit of humility i had! s'all good bc i should be getting humbled pretty soon! 

also hit my 9 months which means i just finished my first pregnancy! 

i'm glad to hear that rice is cheap back home in canada because it's my fuel now.

and with the english investigator i got a huge boost. just teaching something with such deep faith and appreciation for Jesus Christ and christianity is so rewarding. even tho he is still kinda crazy and super catholic, hearing his prayer at the end hit me. he prayed for us so hard and thanked us profusely for doing what were doing. he's so stoked to see such young boys spend so much time and effort to teach of this life saving and needed good news that is the gospel. he is oh so awesome. 

and to top it off we had a baptism!! it was my first where we found the person! it was such an amazing experience but also crazy. so we get to the church and the font is broken so we go to the closest pool but its closed! then we go to a second pool, just in the knick of time! and while changing, Denz, the baptismal candidate realizes his zipper is broken on the suit! so with 2 little key chain carabeaners and the sash thing he barely seals her up and we have a sunset swimming pool baptism for my anak! what is so cool to is the kid fits in so well with the other youth/YSA and is so accepted! he has 2 nanays (older ladies) who look over him carefully and sit with him bc they are like neighbours. really hit me. it's going to be very hard to leave here one day. 

loved your email mom.  i got a fun bonding exercise for us. you have no choice but to participate. so on my email days, you will send a talk for us to study and talk about the next email day. to start us off lets both read "He asks us to be His hands" by Cheryl A. Esplin. then next week we talk about it then from there can you send the talks? let me know what you think.

no pictures this week.  next week na lang! sorry :/ 

hymn 97 "Lead Kindly Light"

"I loved to choose and see my path, but now, Lead thou me on" 


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