Monday, January 23, 2017

i hope some trials come quick so i don't waste my time

hi mama

currently in the craziest net shop. i'm talking over 100 super high tech computers in a big hip shop w insane chairs just chalk full of asians playing crazy asian computer games. this place is getting me going!! 

so first off, my anak (child) is a champ and i'm in the utah of the cauayan mission! he has perfect english and classing filipino mission hype. just loves being a missionary. he's insane cute, sometimes we will be deep in the scriptures and we will just say like "yeaaaaahhh" with a fist bump. he's constantly saying stuff like "we can do it" or is always saying "thanks so much". sometimes some people will shew us away and he will say "aww man i wanted to teach them so bad". he's the man. 

so we are opening the area of Alicia (Ah-lesh-ah) ward in the Alicia stake. the sister missionaries who belong here are so hardworking that there area split into 2. super strong ward with over 230 in attendance and full callings with dedicated members. they love missionaries and we love em back. i've had a meal appointment every night and 2 on sunday. the bishop is a spiritual powerhouse and almost teared up when saying how grateful he is that we came to help. the wards helping us get to know the area and people. on our first day this 70 y/o man spent 5 hours walking around with us and showing us around. he loves working with the missionaries. tuscany ward has got to step up its game. 

it's pretty weird opening an area. for example when we arrived in alicia sentro we had to ask a random tricyle driver where our house was and luckily he knew! i have roommates as well called Kabahays. they are younger then me in the mission and ones training his comp. so 2 tatays and 2 anaks. they are obedient, super fun and even funnier. just firecrackers. ones first name is Rixie Red so that pretty much explains him. 

the area is a little different than BamBang. no mountains at all. flat as far as the eye can see and our area goes to some pretty weird, small and depressing towns. 

its dang hot and i often quote will ferrel by saying "that heat is tremendous". pretty much the northern mexico of the philippines. super cool working with a strong ward and learning how to work effectively with them. 

pretty cool sitch because everything is fresh! the comp hasn't been touched, the area hasn't been touched in like 6 months, and even the area book with records of investigators has like 2 records. so everything is ours for the molding. completely our style which is cool. 

so i thought i would deal with the usual uncomfortable adjustment process like i have in the past in the MTC's, my first area and when my tatay left but it has been honestly a blast every minute. this is what people mean when they say "the best 2 years". couldnt be better! 

and to close and top it off i got your package and christmas letter! the family christmas letter is gold and a trt. cherish. and the trts in the package were a trt.

my fav is dans book you sent (side note from julie:  i made a hard cover book with all of dan's emails and pictures from his mission in micronesia guam). i've read it every free minute i get and can't get enough. love that guy. quite a bit of tagalog in there which is neat. and it was cool reading what dan said about his companion, Elder Garcia's family, especially because i met and taught them in my last area. 

but i can't help but ask for a few more things INCASE you send another package. actually all i really need is cheap things from the LDS store online and you could just ship em for free to the mish. so some small leather hymn books and gospel photo books would be great for members and other missionaries. also tagalog triples for Recent Converts ($5). and i would LOVE a small quad with a flap for me. blue if you can do that. i have a list ill bring next time and i kinda hate asking for things but i know you love sending things soooooo.....

i hope some trials come quick so i don't waste my time! if you aint learning what are ya doing? am i rite??!?

Hymn 196 - jesus, once of humble birth

"Once a meek and lowly lamb. Now the Lord the great I Am." 

Tatay Kearl 

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