Sunday, February 4, 2018

may or may not sell my kidney to provide them with the funds to make that come true


so i'm not transferred! i'm going to do 5 cycles in Baluarte! that's pretty rare in this mission. that's going to be 7 months here! I'll be with Elder Brockbank for 3 cycles! again, very rare. i was with my trainer for 3 cylces but most people are in an area for 3 cycles. in Cauayan i was there for 3 cycles and had 3 different companions. 

Yesterday Edwins wife was baptized in Hong Kong. super cool to think about our influence reaching hong kong. the family is now complete and have a huge potential to be sealed for eternity. we will see how it goes. may or may not sell my kidney to provide them with the funds to make that come true. Edwin is the pride and joy of my mission.

we attended a crazy meeting on friday and accidently became members of like a government thing. so it was a meeting for the VFO (values formation officers) and they basically go to communities weekly and teach stuff like honesty and stuff. it's good stuff. so what happened is a while ago we got some numbers from the city mayor's secretary and we texted him and like the head pastor of the city invited us. we arrived 5 minutes early while the meeting started an hour late. when the main pastor guy came in he just yells "OOO PRAISE THE LORD!" and said that over and over again. the meeting was 60% pastors sharing scriptures and 40% business. so many praying and even a time to grab a "Prayer Partner" and pray loudly at the same time. the room erupted in sound. Mayor walks in. everyone gets excited. we all get pictures with him and pray to or for him. not too sure which. long story short, it was in the top 5 things that happened on my mission. super fun.

that's it from this week. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Elder Kearl 

3 Nephi 12:16 

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