Monday, February 12, 2018

loved the feeling at the funeral...reminded me of Grandma Rosenvalls

HEY MOM! hello po

Hey, i had a dream Saturday night about me coming home and entering the house and hanging out with You and Emily. i missed you guys quite a bit yesterday. i'll be honest i'm getting pretty trunky. i'm getting way to excited to get home and move on. i'll be honest tho, i really love my mission and enjoy being here and love the service this is. but, 20 months is a long time to be doing the same thing!

thats amazing about your cool experiences at work with babies and their families.. super cool stories. Heavenly Father cares very much about how we come in and out of this world and it's cool you help so many families be happy. MVP

quick week with 2 exchanges in our area with the District Leaders and a funeral! 

The bishop told us to attend the funeral of a woman i've never known but she belonged to a really great family so we attended and i really enjoyed it. She was an 82 yo lady with polio her whole life. we attended the very simple service and then buried her in a nice cemetery in the city. i was not able to participate in the the walk they do here. where the people attending the funeral walk behind the vehicle carrying the casket from the service to the burying spot. i think it's a really cool tradition actually because you get a huge crowd following their loved one. it's funny too bc people driving by will just throw change at them, hahaha. good service and loved the feeling there. reminded me of Grandma Rosenvalls quite a bit. not much to say but it was nice.

We than attended a "Home Teaching Convention" which was pretty absurd.

This morning we went fishing at a members fishing pond and caught like 30+ fish. this small pond had so many fish that you could just put the line in the water and within a minute something would bite. super sunny! 

Elder Kearl

1 Nephi 3:7

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