Sunday, January 28, 2018

this body can not put on any weight for the life of it

Hello po nay! 

the January 29th weigh in:
5' 10.5"

i've been eating my self sick every meal. so much oatmeal and peanut butter every morning. 3 eggs and half a chicken breast with a scoop and a half of rice w/ ketchup for lunch. 4 eggs and 6 pieces of bread toasted for dinner every meal for the past 5 months to no avail... this body can not put on any weight for the life of it. things have been moving around tho ever since Coach Brockbanks been pushing me for my daily morning and night exercise. we will see this coming june if Scottie really can get the swimmers body tho. nobody hold their breath. mapayat for life.

Hey, so Kim got baptized! she bore a very good testimony afterwards. She said she used to hide from Elder Galindo and I but then Edwin (our guy) preached the word of God a little (Kim actually said that) and then she started listening. Edwin also let us teach in his home everynight till like 8:30 which is a really close to 1am in the Phillipines. He used to not let Elder Galindo and I teach him after 6:30 so he sacrificed a solid sleep schedule for Kim. Edwin is the man. 

Elder Kearl

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