Monday, January 15, 2018

life's real good in Baluarte


yeah, we watched President Monson's funeral! it was cool! 

send a pic from Baileys wedding!

hey mom not much to say. we got a new roomate bc there were some emergency transfers! and he is so much like jake maller! just does his thing and calmly moves thru life. he's super new and is a master at Tagalog and Ilocano! all he does is study the language. makes me wonder where i would be if i put in that kinda time from day 1.....

Because of the new guy i'm taking Illocano more seriously. it is fun learning a language again! the goal is before January 31 to be able to pray and bear my testimony. don't think i'll learn much more after that. tagalog is good enough hahaha

made some big plans with Edwin i thought i would let you know. so when his family gets sealed in the temple i'll attend. His wife btw, is being taught in hong kong! she's in lesson 2! just saying its gonna happen. i took a blood oath. nobody can stop me. 

that's it, life's real good in Baluarte.
Elder Kearl

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