Sunday, December 17, 2017

snoop dogg is being played so loud right outside the computer shop. this place tho :):):)

Hello po nay! 

snoop dogg is being played so loud right outside the computer shop. this place tho :):):) 

funniest thing, so right now while emailing the owner of the little net shop is throwing a sweet bday party and serving us food as we email! super amazing fancy food too. i love this country. also explains the loud snoop dogg music hahaha

pretty awesome week with lots of throwbacks! lots of walks down memory lane but not all were sunny, let me explain. but first an Elder Brockbank quote:

"If I could only listen to one Babylonian (non hymn) song right now it would be Mistletoe by Justin Beiber. idk its just a good song" 

So we went on exchanges with the Assistants and i was able to work with Elder Uy again!! my companion back in june. one of my all time favorites as well. really missed that guy. it was great talking about the good ol days with him and i even got to go down some similar roads in their area bc i worked there quite a bit while in cauayan and saw some familar faces! really fun! also learned alot form them but pretty happy to see we are on a very similar page to them :) 

something that surprised me on memory lane although was going back to my old apartment. i thought it would be really sunny and while it was i had some very uncomfortable feelings there. its smaller than i remembered but it felt like so much was missing. really weird not seeing Elder Pulley there. that guy meant alot to me while i was there. i got really sentimental and a little sad. hard to sleep that night and i just wanted to go back to santiago and see Elder Sacil and Domasing (my roomates) and sleep in my own apartment. 

other than that saw President Capitulo of the mission presidency who is a legend. 200 pounds, 6"1', farmer who is the best. he intereviewed my first baptism, Sister Ergy. Great seeing him some more and he even remembered me! 

thats all 

Elder Kearl

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