Sunday, December 24, 2017


matching Elf jammies from his momma!

Hello po nanay! 

it was a very merry christmas! and here is why: skype to the crew :) 4 eating appointments X0 (one with like lasgana! and an indian man). good laughs and some christmas motab video stuff at a members :) so we woke up, opened the 2 remaining gifts from GMA K :) and Edwin (the Recent Convert) picked us up to go to the Quibuyen family headquarters. we made it and Jing Jing (his younger sister, married to a persian man living in america) prepared the best foods ever! im talking cheetos, tostitos, doritoes, guac, cereal (almost like she knew the kearl classic). shes got some money so we didnt feel bad at all. she was exicted to feed foreigners and there was also an indian guy from hong kong who had nothing to do apparently so he flew over for a couple days. yeah we asked him every question ever about india and hinduism. we got to skype :) ate a big lunch :):) and met almost all 9 of the quiboyen siblings and they all live on like the same street! good people. the nanay said "too bad the delaga's (young unmarried woman) are not here!" good to see Nay is looking out for us. than we went to some  Baluarte legends bc they told us we had no choice :/ the Pulido Family (Shane Lethabys buddy), Abogado adn Rouque. we were going to work and teach but at every appointment a member would text us and say: "hey come and eat here. we cooked you food and are waiting for you..." the spirit was weak but the flesh was willing. destroyed my self but this skinny filipino boy could handle the carbs. felt really bad we didnt teach any one..... but this not a "no" culture. came home bc of an early curfew. Called a zone mate bc he was a little sad being away from his family. read about Jesus Christs ministry in America and hit the hay. very merry.

about the skype: i am just full of gratitude like never before for my family. i reallly love you all alot. your all doing incredibly well and really inspiring me. i truly am a lucky boy and am happy to see you all again! afterwards i just felt very content. thank you. im also incredibly grateful for Dad for looking out for my post secondary education. i have no worries about it now! thank you :)

We also had a baptism of Rina and Julie! Julie was the one we sang the song with we sent home! amazing woman and cool to see they progressed in their commitment to Follow Jesus Christ :) wish i could say more but no time :/

had a christmas zone confrence which was great. i loved it bc we did the same thing as last year. really noticed how nice traditions are it was nice to have one here. 

Maligayong Pasko,
Elder Kearl 

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