Monday, October 23, 2017

just read and replied to 60 emails from my fans

dont let presidents face confuse you. the zones doing really well :)

hello po nay, 

bit of a mix up but ill write the big nasty as the fourth thing i do now. 1) president. 2) refferrals 3) mom personally 4) big nasty 5) the fans...... priorities. 

after reading/replying to 60 emails i got no time for all my pics!! next time.

wow thats crazy about uncle dave. things can get shaken up pretty quick. I actually really look up to Dave alot and thought about him quite about out here. great man. 

Ethan is planning on heading out next year on a mish? that is one good kid ill tell you that much. always has been killing it. tell him to email me! and ask questions if he wants 

not much to talk about from the work but so this week our area president, Elder Shayne M. Bowen and his wife visited and it had quite the impact. he went into some deep old testament house of isreal doctrine that just tells ya the Book of Mormon is true and we are cousins with muslims. He started off by saying "what im about to say will cause you to doubt and fear." and the expectations of every aspect of our work skyrocketed. left some anxious feelings the rest of the day. it pushed me to talk to 8 people during the hour and a half bus ride home from cauayan. i never stoped talking and my mouth got pretty sore. but hey, lots of people now know Joseph Smith. 

the thing that hit me was a clearer understanding of Hell. before we come to earth a veil is put over us that causes us to forget everything before and also afects us on earth by limiting our ability to remember clearly our life on earth. causes us to currently see through a glass darkly. But when that gets lifted we will see everything from the beginning with perfect clearness. we will see how we were before and perfectly understand what we had, who we could've become and all the things we threw away due to our disobedience on earth. Hell is now actually a lake of fire and brimstone nor does God want to literally roast us over a fire but Hell is a state of mind because we will have a perfect idea of how much we messed up. we will only be torchering ourselves. 

on a happier note we are baptising a golden investigator this saturday and i have some really really good friends here :):):) lifes good.

one more thing. the principles of happiness you find in the scriptures always fascinates me. so in Alma 28:2,6,8,12-14 we see there was the biggest battle in the whole book of mormon with thousands of righteous people dead. the first thing they do is fast and pray. thats there reflex. and while thousands are mourning for the death of love ones they end up rejoicing in hope because of the doctrine of slavation and they know their loved ones who died are experiencing never ending happiness. we need the gospel. than there is an invitation to be diligent in the vineyard. so go share!!! 

Elder Kearl 

"The eyes of God and all the holy prophets are watching us. this is the great dispensation that has been spoken of ever since the world began" - Wilford Woodfruff

talking buisness with the Area President, Elder Shayne Bowen

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