Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"it's just the chicken's spit"

hello po nay!

so yesterday after i wrote my letter to the president and organized our refferrals a bit on our portal the site crashed like mission wide tbh tho it wasnt' the end of the world not emailing.... i've considered to just stop emailing to get more immersed in the work but how else can I lift, encourage, inspire and bless my fans back home??? so she still goes......

that is nice of you to host amy's missionary family dinner at our house.  Amy is ready to go!  you should read her emails and the letters she sent me.  she is a really really good egg.  either way the MTC whips anybody into shape pretty quick.  

it is fun organizing and leading isn't it?  i enjoy to do it;):) organizing our zone interviews and such is fun.  nothing new here but i love this area so many good people!  first area where  i could say its really progressions!  we have like 5 amazing investigators!  this is my favourite area but nothing can replace my first area even tho it was incredibly challenging  If I were to come back to the philippines this is the only place i feel like i could live.  crazy as that sounds.  i l feel at home and comfortable here.  lots of beautiful tress .  

i love john lethaby so much..

i'm really interested i business when i get home.  dad really will know whats best but should i do construction management or genera business?  I would like to know all my options for bussiness.  

16 months na!!! in the words of a personal fave, Justin Milner, i have hit mission nirvana! and it feels good. im comfortable in the language with hardly any problems there, more confident talking to every person I see, deeper, but not perfect understanding of the culture and ulitmatly just a deeper and more clear testimony of whose work this really is. feels like nirvana. 

We were teaching under a tree with chickens in it (did you know that chickens love being in trees?) and it was raining very lightly and the investigator suggested we move under a roof but my comp calmly said "its just the chickens spit." chicken spit. that guy cracks me up.

Elder Schmutz of the 70 visited our stake conference and just edified the heck (you could even say hell here) out of me! he mentioned a story of this one recent convert couple in a small branch in Idaho or something and the couple never got greeted or welcomed by any one in the branch and felt like outsiders and they didnt feel like going to church any more, which i can understand, and one morning they were very close to just stopping. but the Brother came up with an idea to just be the ones to greet others! for the next weeks they said hi and shook hands with every member who entered the church. pretty soon they loved going to church and seeing all there new friends! this is an amazing example of becoming an agent and taking control of your own lives happiness instead of being an object waiting for others to act on you. 2Nephi 2:14. 

i had a thought i wrote down one night, ask your self these 3 questions regulaurly: 1) am i happy? 2)if not, what needs to change? 3) what am I going to do about it? only we are responsible for our well being. 

#sustainandordain -Elder Schmutz hopefully soon to be trending hashtag

Elder Kearl

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