Sunday, October 8, 2017

i really miss Colin Steele, Grandpa Rosenvall, Dad, you, eric, Scott Wolff and others.

hello po nay,

cool email, thanks mom! it's also good to hear that grandpa rosenvall is kicking around with you guys! miss that man so much you know. its weird the people you end up missing out here. i really miss Colin Steele, Grandpa Rosenvall, Dad, you, eric, Scott Wolff and others. but hey you cant choose who you miss.

hearing these stories you shared from your family weekend makes me picture them in my head and chuckle. card games.... baby namess...

so ill fill you in on my email schedule:

first thing i do once i sit down is enter my companionships Key Indicators and than play around on the refferral manager for 5-10 minutes bc were supposed to and orginize our referrals and send out our found ones. than i write a letter to president about everything that has happend in the zone this week. than i write you personally first :). than i go to the bottom of my inbox and reply to all my beloved family and friends and last but not least i write this big nasty for the fans.

i would usually try to keep it interseting bc even tho i am a missionary i get very bored very quickly with other missionaries letters. not too into reading about others work beleive it or not bc i dont know the people or understand the area so thats mostly why i dont write much about my work. also missionary work is a slow ordeal. but through out the week if something special comes across my mind ill write it in my planner to write about on Pday's. i try to keep it light hearted and fun.

but what i want to do now is really just speak whats been on my mind. but idk we will see what happens. hope you enjoy

IDK if you remember Edwin or not, one of our investigators but i love this man so much! he is sucha  good person bc he sells food and drinks for the lowest possible price and doesnt advertise so others will still have buisness. teaching him is rad bc he thinks so deeply and intently about the message. He goes above and beyond in all commitments and yesterday was the first time he attended church and he brought his 13 year old daughter!! He also taught his daugther how to pray and his wife is in hong kong for 2 year periods with only 14 days inbetweeen to vist :( but they chat and its just pictures of food hahaha anyway he's just the best. 

Elder Kearl 

email from President Hiatt:  Hi Elders, thanks for caring for your Zone with extraordinary efforts!
You are awesome. Also  thanks for your obedience and trust.
I love you.

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