Sunday, May 14, 2017

mothers day Skype

it was an exciting mothers day at our house because we were able to skype with scotty boy.  when dan was on his mission we were only able to phone him.  derek set it up so we could have dan/natasha and emily/eric join in too.  technology is absolutely amazing.  it was crazy to think he was so far away in the philippines, 14 hours ahead, making it monday morning for him.  we invited the wolfs, kaitlin, braden and larry's crew to surprise him with a hello.  he emailed me and said how awesome it was so see so many faces he loved.  we also facetimed grandpa rosenvall and mulhollands to visit with scotty.  a few highlights from our conversation:

-hearing scott bear us his testimony in tagalog
-scotty being so obedient and ensuring our call was only one hour.  he ended it himself at 59 minutes and 54 seconds.   when i asked him why he had to hang up, he said, 'because it's the right thing to do'.
-he loved seeing joey (although joey could have cared less)
-he loved seeing the backyard and ravine and his bedroom
-scotty telling about his diet of hotdogs, eggs, rice and ketchup daily
-updating him on what's going on at home (really nothing)
-meeting his companion
-him showing us his surroundings (he was at a members house)
-his optimism and love of missionary work
-him not complaining about one thing about his mission (except the heat)
-just hearing him laugh and share stories about his mission and his experiences
-him telling about how people there speak tanglish, where they speak tagalog but then you hear english intermittently
-church is conducted in english but people give talks in tagalog
-he loves the older women in the ward who take good care of him, but he finds it awkward that they shake his hand initially and don't let go throughout the whole conversation
-derek was eating some honeycomb cereal and scott was so jealous because he doesn't get that there

i feel so blessed to be his mama.  that kid came SOOOO good.  i am envious of his abounding optimism and enthusiasm for life.  it will serve him well his whole life through.  he loves people, he loves the people in the philippines whom he serves, he loves the Lord and the gospel and he loves his family.  what more could a mom ask for?  NOTHING.

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