Monday, May 29, 2017

don't wanna go home mom :/

my 20th birthday. made the cake from the mix and candles you sent me.this man just turned 26!


so its been a good week with some treats. i got a new companion, Elder Uy (pronounced oi) from Bulacan. not gonna lie were pretty divine. we are fore ordained. he reminds me daily of Tyler Steele and also very similar to lots of Kearl uncles and even a lot like dad. nice to be with family again :) but yeah, he is a funny guy. speaks english like an american bc he has seen so many movies and we are livin and lovin. but also got a good hold on the White Handbook bc i learned a thing this week: exact obedience is the only way to be happy, progress and become converted. i do not like the natural man and obedience is the only way to change your nature. i'm doing things bc i want to do the things the Lord wants me to do and the days have been sunnier bc of it. good learning out here. 

an interesting thing is bc we are in the Assistant to the Presidents apartment, when the missionaries are going home, there is a little program/workshop thing at the mission home so they stayed with us. it was fun but it was seriously tough too. my mood was affected so much tbh. it was such a breath of fresh air to get my new comp and feel this kind of hope and determination again. im terrified for this time in one year when it's my turn to go home. don't wanna go home mom :/

a good scripture to describe the weather right about now is in 4 Nephi 1:32 for those curious enough to take a peep. 

But the new guy and I are spending alot more time to work smart and its got me pretty excited to be honest. theres a lot of good potential here and im excited to focus on completing families and working with their realatives since everyone just lives in compounds with there families so its easy pickin :) 

not much else to say other than this place freaking loves Korea. not sure why but every one is into Kpop and Kdrama. 
and just want to reccommend a talk for all to read and take 15 mins to do: "It works wonderfully" by Uchtdorf. 

thanks for all the birthday love,


a legends suit jacket

visiting some legends

one good nanay. she always says "hey hey hey whats up?!"

baptism of Leonard and Tatay Dela cruz

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