Monday, May 15, 2017

can't remember a happier day in my whole life...smiled the whole day!


just finished talking to you so i'll be quick. amazing weekend with some cool highlights: 

President Hiatt worked with us for a day and slept the night. he is the best! super funny and quirky and can't remember a happier day in my whole life! he really loves teaching and even tho i kinda have to translate for him, people get what he is saying and i smiled the whole day. the best. also ate big! thanks pres.

got ANOTHER letter from oma. she's the best!! sent a cool email from joel. love hearing that. its nice when she sends other missionarys blog posts. 

on satuday we had a fun time cleaning pigs and also their pens of mud but it was mostly poop. just spray em down and use a wallis (dont know the english for that one) to clean it. there are some big pigs out here. super funny. 

saturday night our my most favorite investigator ever on my mish passed his interview and his member mom was so happy she cried and hugged me :O. love that woman. i felt really special bc of that.  just seeing the blessing this work does for others. 

sunday morning an old man had a heart attack and died while speaking in church. all i saw was that they were loading him into a tricycle and rushing him to the hospital. heard the rest of the story and he was dead on arrival. super sudden and unexpected. not such a good mothers day for that family. 

and i loved every minute of skyping ALL of you. it was wonderful to see so many of the people i love and have dan and em join in too.  i always feel a little closer to you guys and more motivated to work harder. thanks for the love! nice talking to dad a little more this time!! 

thanks mom, your a super hero,


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