Monday, April 10, 2017

no pics but a new calling for the boy

hi mama,


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMILY, DAD, AND LOLO KEARL!! miss you, love you, keep your eye on the mail.

hey, in response to you asking about by bday package, anythings good but i pretty much got everything i'll ever need. so don't stress about anything. just letters would be nice. or that Birthday banner thing like you made for dan on his mission and anything you can send me on grandpa rosenvalls b of m research stuff to read.

so a little bit of an announcement: i'll be leaving my sweet tender child and thrown into a new area with a new calling, i've been called to be one of the 22 Zone Leaders in this mission. mentally, i feel to young to handle this and my 14 yo body seems a little bit out of place but i feel calm and ready. should be fun. 

so i'll jump into a pretty cool find we had. We found 2 less actives who both served missions and got sealed. it was interesting teaching these super fun and funny people but we only used questions and barely talked. you could tell the Holy Ghost did the teaching and correcting. they both want to be active but they are pretty offended from other members (really big issue here). they said they are shocked with their lives and how far they went off the plan they originally set. "on your mission you make such a solid plan, what happened to us?" kinda stuff. pretty emotional and real. ended with tons of love, small commitments and priesthood blessings. i'm excited to see what happens with them. 

with conference, it hit me pretty well. i learned a lot and was corrected/chastised a lot. yeah, i got some figuring out to do. but ironically what stood out for me the most was about leadership. this was before i knew of my new calling. it's all about being an effective warner (D. Todd Christofferson), Correcting correctly (Uchtdorf), using love (S. Mark Palmer), trusting them to learn for themselves (?), and also remembering that the direction is more important than the speed. 

and also how annoying is it to constantly be pushed?! paitence, Gods got this whole thing figured out. 

not much more to say other than i love Grandmas. Nanays are the best. RIP to all my Alicia 1A nanays :/ 

hymn 142 Sweet Hour of Prayer 

"And since He bids me seek His face, believe His word, and trust his grace, Ill cast on Him my every care and wait for thee sweet hour of prayer"

no longer TATAY KEARL, Elder Kearl na lang :/ 

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