Monday, April 17, 2017

apartment is so freaking nice and clean and organized which calms my l'il OCD heart

teaching at zone conference


i'm in CAUAYAN! the city! the apartments like nicer than our home!  i'm now with Elder Ambaliza in the Cauayan Zone living in Christian Village in the nicest apartment this mission has to offer. 

more specifically: this is Elder Ambaliza's third cycle as a Zone Leader and he is now training me as a new Zone Leader. he is super freaking hard working and obedient which is awesome and its been hard to keep up with the guy! i'm learning tons but also realize how much more i have to learn! he is only slightly older than me in the mission but is pretty streets ahead. it feels like i'm a new missionary with him and have had lots of weaknesses come to light which is good, and we are getting there. he only will speak english to me but then in return i only speak tagalog to him so its kinda funny if your listening to us. he's fun and always says "you're in the wrong neighborhood son!" and he has a scary deep voice. were having fun together. 

we are covering the Cauayan Zone which is full of some amazing missionaries. my first day on the job we had to teach our zone a lesson based off a previous council meeting i never attended but it went smooth with a strange little incident that was a good learning experience. but that was my first zone meeting and my last as now the missions all over the world will no longer hold them :/ she still goes. it's weird though because as i was teaching i felt so stoked for our zone. seriously like a weird love increase. super fun. 

The apartment is on the top of this kinda hill and offers a cool view and its in the rich part of Cauayan. the apartment is so freaking nice and clean and organized which calms my lil OCD heart a lil compared to the last trash can we were living in. 2 floors, small, washing machine, shower head, couch, a cushy chair. we are living like kings! also our room mates are the Assistants and are amazing elders and its fun seeing them at nights as they are wizards in the doctrine and leadership plus super super nice guys. we also get rides down to the mission home if we are all going over there in an actual car! also our church is at the mission home location so we sneak in and copy papers and stuff. good perks. 

our area tho is good as well but far. kinda interesting with some good success and people. not much to say from that other than some awesome nanays are offering us maryendas (snacks consisting of soda pop and crackers/cookies) daily! but Easter is weird here because this place is insanely catholic. so they call it holy week which means thursday, friday and sunday, no one works or leaves their house bc Jesus died. hard to teach, but my comp killed it. had to remind lots of members were not catholic tho. also so many strange things are against the rules bc they are trying to respect Christ's death which is cool but what do you the rest of the year? no chocolate or Easter bunny on this island!

the rest of the pics wont work :/ sorry. but i had one of a guy wearing a centenial coytoes shirt for my south crew friends! 

yeah and the other thing would be that i read the talks given at Grandma Rosenvalls funeral. it was a great experience. it bummed me out tho bc i wish i knew her a little bit better but helped me realize how amazing of a woman she was. hearing those stories were amazing! i felt pretty weird with some heavy but peaceful and nice emotions. love being a rosenvall. 

that should be good. got no more time :)


a chicken in bits and pieces

the comp

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