Sunday, April 23, 2017

had salsa for the first time in like 10 months and now i'm trunky


another week went by quick!! with some funny things to report first for the freakin skimmers out there. 

so my comp is a funny guy and whenever we see naked boys running around he just looks at 'em and does a scissor motion with his fingers suggesting amputation type business. also people will warn little boys that dogs will bite it off! cracks me up every day! 

had salsa for the first time in like 10 months and now i'm trunky :(. Elder Ambaliza is a replica of Eric, laugh and everything  and he's a trt and we work hard with some fun! and also the road going up to our apartment is insane sketchy and if i get a new camera i'll video it and send her out. love it tho. im talking narrow and quick with tons of people, tricys and cars. 

more serious note for those who actually care. this week has changed my life a bit. Elder Ambaliza and i have been trying to improve our teaching alot bc we are the youngest ZL companionship in the game and i realized how much i love teaching and speaking tagalog. we put lots of time into it and i've been trying so hard to focus and results have come! baptisms on the way! i've improved a lot these past few weeks and i am really loving it out here. we hardly have time to eat before going to bed but i wouldn't have it any other way. 

recently got asked a question that i want you all to think about and i would love to hear your answers: what was your defining moment? 

mine is when i was in the MTC learning about the plan of salvation. we were talking about Adam and Eve and the fall and a lot of things instantly clicked. Earth life is hard and it's supposed to be. we are here to go through trials, make mistakes and repent. we needed to come here to truly learn from experience and without this time we would not be ready for our responsibilities in the Celestial Kingdom afterwards. i want to explain this more but i have 4 and a half minutes before the computer shuts down :) but this understanding, reinforced by additional studies and repentance has solidified my testimony and attitude. alma 34:32 means alot more to me now and i love trials! (expect this stupid heat)


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