Sunday, September 3, 2017

i realize i'm literally just becoming more and more like joel

Hello po nay,

great email mom! your positivity and hype really stand out. sunny days for sure! 

Dad is such a boss. he is killing it and making the most of the cabin! really wish i could be there this weekend with steeles and richards, but life still goes on. i hope to see some pictures. 

tell john lethaby i cherish him next weekend when you see him.

man that block class sounds intense! and i also don't get it, but it must be nice not having to worry about anyone in the house but dad and his shenanigans. keep a close eye on that hozer for me.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! its now the "BER" months! but i have not heard any "merry christmas"'s yet.... :/ 

not much to say this week so i'll keep it simple. but we have been having some really good days for no particular reason at all. those days are truly the best. i also realized that a good day out here beats any best days back home. just sunny. 

something cool i learned about the philippines that will also explain alot is that in every hospital, and most banks and grocery stores before the work starts the coworkers will gather around and say a prayer for saftey, success, gratitude etc.. also the same in like all universities and colleges. this place has really got the faith. 

i'm good, growing, been learning so much form my studies lately its refreshing! i feel like i've changed alot by just looking at my goals and plans for life. but that is good. really good. i realize i'm literally just becoming more and more like Joel. that guy really has got it figured out. 

on a more spiritual note, i realize i have never really shared a formal testimony on my emails but a cool thought came into my head yesterday during fast meeting. after hearing some nice testimonies, i started thinking critically (dang it satan) and started thinking about why we do all this work in our church and if it is all worth it. then a different thought came into my head (bless up) "But, what if it's all true?" think about it. what if it is true that we have a Father in Heaven, who created worlds without number and loves me as an individual, hears my prayers and is as anxious for my success as i am? what if its true that we can be together with our families forever end progress to a point when we as well become Gods with infinite dominion and live in a state of  eternal happiness? what if it really is true that through prayer we can plead and receive forgiveness of our mistakes and be strengthened through the grace of Jesus Christ and also have the constant companionship of a member of the Godhead? and the list goes on. i taught myself a bit about hope and faith and how they are connected and we need to have hope and faith first and then a witness of the truth (Ether 12:6). sounds a lot better than not believing, thats for sure.  

could you please somehow get the weekly emails from all the boys so i can keep up . i really wanna hear whats going on in my friends missions. Like Joel, Jake, Jake, Tim, Connor, seth, Jordan, Daivd. maybe if they got blogs the moms can forward me thier email idk but THANKS! 


the four of us :)

look at those socks though

this guy cracks me up

the struggle (50 pesos worth of quarters for 2 loaves of bread :0) 

Elder Galindo doin his usual

struggle round 2 after that post fast grind....

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