Sunday, September 24, 2017

"Elder Kearl, you appreciate creation"


so im a bit confused why no one eats salad over here.... they grow every plant on the earth but they don't put them toghether on a plate. 

another thing. so after a lesson the sun was hitting the rice field just right so i ran over to absorb the beauty. "Elder Kearl, you appreciate creation"- Elder Uy. and i stepped on some thin tin roofing while the sister told me to stop and my one foot fell knee deep into a deep hole of water. pretty sunny :):) 

also a quote from a general authority: "The Filipno people are very close to the veil"

also we visted this very poor family, but their tiny house was so clean and orgainzed it helped you feel the spirt so much. that's what i love, just a well kept house no matter your wealth. i was very very impressed with this family. and i let them know it. 

but it constantly blows me away how so many people have gone on missions, are on missions or are yet to go on missions and have maybe had a similar experince to me. could that be tho? is it true that others have experinced these same feelings, personal growth and principles learned? has anyone really felt the same way i do? its just strange to lay in bed at night and think that dad or danny or eric have felt this way. its pretty great! 

thats it probably,

Elder KEARL 

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