Sunday, July 9, 2017

got a new comp and he is an angel from above

hey nay,

nothing much to report but i finally got a new comp!! not going to lie but this week was a little harder than some because i spent a lot of time with the missionaries who were going home and i hated it! there is so many i love and appreciate like Elders Ishibashi (my first ZL) and Elder Olsen (my roomate for 2 cycles) but their feelings of anxiety and nervousness just shed on to me and i found it super hard to sleep those nights. this word is stupid but just the worst vibes. 

BUT i got a new comp and he is an angel from above. i have never met anyone so perfect and kind and christ like in my whole life. lots to learn from the guy. i'm really getting sick of having great companions. when am i going to get a hard one?  Elder Sorronda from Mindanao (the place getting destroyed rn). goes home in september. legend. lots to learn. so little time.


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