Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hi Julie, 

President Hiatt and I were prompted the other day to visit Elder Kearl and his trainer, Elder Briones and see how our new missionary is doing.

We are pleased to tell you something you probably already know...he is AWESOME!  He was so happy we came.  He is doing great.  His trainer is wonderful and they have what we call a 'model apartment'.  Mostly because of Elder Kearl's efforts to make the  home like his.  He showed us how he is cleaning and organizing each P-day.  He said every time he does this he feels more comfortable about his new home for at least 12 weeks.

We will schedule a time in the future to work with him.  IN the meantime, rest assured that is his adjusting well.  It takes about 6 weeks to really get over the homesickness, but he is so humble and teachable and willing to do all he can to be the best missionary he possible can.  We feel he will continue to be exactly obedient and look forward to having him in our mission for the next -now less than two years. 

To conclude we saw him in the MTC while we were there and had a delightful visit as we were able to meet with our missionaries who were there at the time.  They have all safely arrived and are doing well too.
Love you much and thank you for preparing such a wonderful missionary that can bless our life and the life of many in the Cauayan mission.

Have a great week.
Sister Hiatt

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  1. Shane's apartments never looked that nice! So you definitely have nothing to worry about! And my comments look like they're from's just because of Joel's blog!