Monday, August 29, 2016


hi mama

oh man,  a lot has been going on by the sounds of it. as long as no ones dead it'll just be a good story + scars someday. pain is temporary, stories are foreve.

super proud of you mom for yet again going to school!! i hope you enjoy it.  i know you will kill it and it will be a blessing in your life one day. i talk about you and dad quite a bit over here, super proud of you two for overcoming challenges and staying strong in the faith. your influence mom has made me who i am.  hymn 309.

uhm some random funny things this week. saw a random naked 9 y/o back flip into this strangely warm river. a kid peed on my shoes. and the sunsets have been unbeatable this week, for like 30 mins the whole world around me was a nice bright orange. i don't think ill ever get sick of the beauty and my surroundings. when i'm discouraged i just look around and get super hyped!!! after another crazy scrub sesh today, the apartment is feeling like home. i'm getting real comfortable here and more efficient at even the nastiest tasks!! i'm becoming more flilipino each day and the language is starting to improve!!

on tuesday i'm heading back to Cauayan for some follow up training and i'm super excited. i remembered my first day and i forget to tell you about it. so the Cauayan missionaries woke at 420 and left Manilla MTC at 530 for the airport. we chilled in airport for like 3 hours, taught a rando. then caught a 30 minute flight that landed in the middle of nowhere. aka my mission. super hyped, crazy small and dainty airport. then drove to mission home. got acquainted with the mission crew and interviewed with mission prez and wife.  basiclly went like this. (oh and the whole time i wanted to try to impress prez so he would send me to bambang bc i heard bambang is hard and mountianous, the dream)

Prez: "not much of an interview bc we met in provo already, do you feel ready?"

me: "yeah i guess (didn't want to sound cocky)"

Prez:  "can i trust you?"

me: "yeah!"

from that interview till announcement of areas and comps, i could not get bambang out of my head. then he announced i'll be going to bambang!!! so hyped, couldn't help but smile very big. then hopped in a rando van for a 6 hour drive to my apartment. got to my apartment, freaked out a bit and now i'm here. this tuesday and wednesday i have 6 hour drives ahead of me.

this week i went on splits twice!!! lead my area which was fun. i love splits so much, great guys here. super fun.

2 huge blessings this week. in shack church i met a woman who will be living in this area with family for the next 6 months (likely the duration i'll be here). she speaks english!!! shes= lived in london and san diago and loves the temple. throughout my additional studies i have come to an understanding how much greater unity and temple attendance will be for this lovely branch. she went to the temple every week in CA and after becoming best friends with her we started talking about the huge blessings of the temple. nobody can really afford to go the temple here but she said she is going to try to get the relief society to go once a month!!! she's pretty wealthy by the looks of it and i cant even tell you the miracle this is. also she wants to get the branch together for a family home evening!!! she wants to work closely with my special and i.  she is doing some of the only, yet necessary, things that me as a missionary can not do. words cant even explain my excitement. and she's acting immediately. and she is a great person to talk to!!!

blessing 2: were getting bikes next week!!!!! 2nd area of like 100 in the mission to get bikes. missionaries on bikes is unheard of down here, its going to be such a thrill ride!!!! not to mention about half my money goes towards daily travel so more money for treats!!!

basicaly i'm at a new happiness level and things are going fantasticly. mad hyped. the works going great and things are turning up.

hey mom could you send me Tims MTC address and joels email adress?? thanks!!

also a package is pretty doable and if you have the time i would like some special things from home:

candy would be cool,
my retainer would be nice for my smile so i can marry quick and get you grandchildren asap
a photo book of classic church/scripture art. the smaller the better
if you could load up a usb with like a million photos that would be amazing. i can look at it in the apartment. just like pics from all my adventures, my beloved family, and friends etc.
oh my green touque thats in my bin
some little canadian flags
dads pocket hymn book with his and danny's mission addresses, i wish i had that like everyday
and a set of tiny pocket scrips for my comp. too expensive to get here and so appreciated in the field.

i kinda hate asking so much of you but these would help a  bit over here. if its too much work i understand and hope i'm not too much of a bother!!!!

love you so much mom and cant wait to talk to you at christmas and hug you in 2018.

i understand it was your birthday month and don't worry i didnt forget!! wish i could get you a gift.... but your gift will be i will work extra hard for this you week. i cant seem to stop thinking about you an the amazing woman you are mom. HBD!!  keep changing  lives.

i love you so much,
your baby,
elder kearl

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