Sunday, November 19, 2017

not a mean bone in this country

all of edwins friends and family he invited

Hello po nay, 

it has been a stellar week!! we were able to score 16 new investigators and get 30 minute lessons down! we're bagging like 8 lessons a day which is also good. since wednesday we have literally been timing our lessons to see whats been going on because performance measured improves (Thomas S. Monson) so it takes 4 minutes from when we sit down to chat a bit, sing a hymn and say the opening prayer, 3 minutes to tell them what we are and why, 12 minutes to teach the first lesson about the restoration and then 7 minutes to leave them with a commitment, ask for referrals, teach them to pray and then close with prayer. feels good. all my comps idea. hes a thinker.

another highlight was Edwins Baptism! so we got to our chapel to get it ready and we prepare everything and mop and everything then bishop says theres no water even tho the font was filling up so we run over to the stake center and start preparing that one but because the water was crazy weak (don't know why tho bc this place rains like everyday but it never has water) so we start cleaning and the facilitates guys don't know what to do so for 3 hours we haul water from so many inconvenient locations in the building to dump into the font. things were getting muddy, the baptism was about to start, we gave some desperate sweaty prayers and than last minute after i have changed and Edwins crew shows up then someone like breaks a pipe and the font doubles in volume just in the knick of time. President and Sister Hiatt arrive to attend but things were still hectic. i was not too hyped. anyway, the fonts ready to go with a really browinsh and yellow colour we take some pictures and start the program. it was an amazing experience baptizing this man. He showed up with a crazy smile on his face in the midst of chaos and goes: "how can i help?!?!?!" he gets baptized and i will never forget the feelings which filled that room. tears were shed and he bore a powerful testimony. i would've never thought he would've been baptized. He is one of the most special people in my life. 

a separate paragraph to explain this last point bc its not over yet! so he brought 13 friends and family to his baptism! 4 were some who have hidden from us telling us they are not interested and then he brought 10 to church! incredible! also his wife in hong kong went to church over there! in 2 weeks he will baptize his daughter. Guys.... Be like Edwin Quibuyen.

also a nanay cut us off one lesson to tell us in good english that she couldn't listen to us bc she needs to help her busy husband. we asked her to close with a prayer which she then asked Jesus to understand us and make sure we knew nanay loves them. she than told us again while we were leaving that she loves us.... not a mean bone in this country.

Elder Kearl

my pulido boys :):):) 
the kid himself 
the grind 

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