Sunday, August 6, 2017

do either of the litchfields have a younger sister either single or my age?

hello po nay! magandang tanghali! 

thats a good update mama!! 

BUT HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 5th RIGHT?!?! or 30th? hope i'm right :)

dad's a monster on the road but man thinking of people driving as fast as they do back home gets me nervous. everything is very slow paced here. like 60km\h highways bc nobodys in a rush. but some people are and bc there are no cops at all it gets crazy.

crazy haileys married! where are they honeymooning and whats there plan? are they staying in calgary? 

for your BDAY i want you to read "one thing needfull: becoming woman of greater faith in christ" by patrica holland. amazing talk recommended by Erin Wolff to me.

love them litchfields. i'm sure you are having fun at the lake with them.  could you ask again if either of them have a younger sister either single or my age? thanks. 

it was a very blessed week! we met some very amazing and promising new investigators! one of the best weeks yet work wise! not much to share about it except this amazing family we are teaching went to church after being visited twice! it was so cool to see them there. the cool thing about that family is every time we go there seems to be another person who wants to listen, so we get a pretty good group to teach every time! similar thing with a different group this week where this one girl came up and said "i want to go back to mormons" to us! she almost went to church a couple days after saying this but was too shy bc she doesnt have a dress :/ shyness is such a reality out here! 

a cool miracle is from my absolute fav investigator ever! he married a member and into a LA but member family. he's probably one of the brightest people i know and he teaches me things from his Book of Mormon reading! he just absorbs everything and has such a strong desire to be baptized and go to the temple to be sealed. this is the Amigo family who i can't get enough of. the best people. anyway, so this investigator works sundays and was only able to attend sacrament in the ward before us and for months tried to get sundays off to attened Branch 1 with us for the full duration. anyway he got work off!! and for the month at his work he needs to get like 14000 pesos in sales and on the last day of the month the day after his first full sunday at church he got 30000 pesos in sales which is like 4 times the daily regular, hopefully that made sense i'm running out of time but i'm hyped! 

"the only thing constant is change" 

Elder Kearl

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